Everything You Need to Know About Deelishis Net Worth in 2022!

Chandra Davis, popularly known as Deelishis, is a model, reality TV personality, and actress from the United States. Her most well-known appearance was on VH1’s reality show “Flavor of Love 2.” She beat Tiffany’s New York Pollard to win the reality show. Chandra Davis’s net worth is expected to be about $500 thousand in 2022.

Full Name Chandra Davis
Birth Date January 2, 1978
Birth Place Detroit, Michigan, United States
Profession Model, reality TV star, actress
Husband Raymond Santana
Net Worth $500 thousand


Early life

Deelishis Net Worth

Deelishis was born on January 2, 1978, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. Chandra London Davis is her true name. She’s even referred to as London Charles. In terms of her schooling, she attended Alabama State University.

After appearing in the second season of the popular reality show “Flavor of Love,” she became a well-known television personality. Deelishis had reached the age of 28 at the time. At the end of the reality show, she was proclaimed the champion, defeating Tiffany Pollard. After the show, Deelishis ended her relationship with Flav. In the VH1 program “Where Are They Now: Reality Stars,” she announced her breakup with Flav.

Chandra Davis Net Worth & Career

Deelishis Net Worth

Deelishis is well-known for being a beautiful model. She has even modeled for the Eye Candy Model Agency. She’s also appeared in a few music videos, including Break Em Off by Paul Wall and Rip the Runaway by BET. She made an appearance on the cover of Smooth Magazine in April 2007. In the same year, she was featured on the cover of Black Men Magazine.

Lil Wayne’s song video “Lollipop” featured her as a lollipop girl. Deelishis also made an appearance in the third season of the reality show “I Love Money.” She was, however, kicked off the show after physically assaulting one of the cast members in the fourth episode. On the reality show, she came in 14th place.

She has attempted to establish herself as a vocalist in addition to participating in various reality series. In 2007, she released her first single, “Rumpshaker.” In 2009, she released her next single, “The Movement.” The song was written in response to Barack Obama’s election as President of the United States in 2008. In 2009, she released a new song called “Set It Off.”

Husband of Chandra Davis

Deelishis Net Worth

Deelishis, alias Chanda Davis, is married to Raymond Santana, one of the Central Park Five’s infamous rape victims. The couple began dating in October of this year. She proposed to him in December 2019 after dating him for two months. After exchanging wedding vows on June 7, 2020, they became a married couple.

Previously, Deelishis was married to Orlando Gordon. In the year 2008, she married him. Lexington Brielle Gordon, who was born on April 8, 2010, is her daughter with him. In 2014, she divorced Orlando. Deelishis also had a daughter with her ex-boyfriend, Jasmine, whose name is unknown.

Chandra Davis Net Worth

Deelishis Net Worth

By 2022, Chandra Davis will have amassed a fortune of roughly $500,000. Her appearances on various reality shows and modeling assignments provided the majority of his money. She has also worked on films such as “Pawn Shop,” “Queen of Media,” and “Kony Montana.”


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