Orient Episode 11 Release Date: Trailer, Cast, Plot & Is It Officially Confirmed?

This Winter saw the introduction of numerous new anime series, one of which is Orient. The series premiered on January 6, 2022. A.C.G.T studio is presently producing it.

Shinobu Ohtaka is the manga’s illustrator. Orient got a lot of attention in a short period of time, making it an excellent anime that managed to stand out among the other freshly released anime.

Orient Episode 11 Release Date

The narrative takes set during the Sengoku era, which is a Japanese historical period marked by frequent conflicts and battles.

The first season of Orient will include a total of 12 episodes, according to official statements. The anime is now airing and has a total of ten episodes.

Fans are looking forward to the upcoming episode after the thrilling discoveries in the last episode. As a result, we’ll look at the release date and a preview of Orient episode 11 today.

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Orient Episode 11 Release Date

Orient Episode 11 Release Date

The 11th episode, titled What’s in a Katana? has been eagerly anticipated. With this new, high-intensity power-up, all eyes are on Musashi to see whether he can finally fulfil his aims and defeat the Demons once and for all.

His new abilities, however, have significant restrictions. Musashi cannot use it for an extended period of time, thus when his power runs out, he will have to rely on his buddies. This defect, on the other hand, adds to the intrigue.

What would happen if Musashi couldn’t utilise his abilities on a vital occasion with just two episodes left till the season finale?

The release date for Orient Episode 11 was set for March 16, 2022. The episode was, however, postponed owing to the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan. Because an official tsunami warning was issued for Wednesday, Crunchyroll had to remove the episode from their site.

Crunchyroll has given a notification that the episode has been postponed. There were numerous more anime series that were delayed as a result of the earthquake, in addition to Orient.

Orient Episode 11 Release Date

Unfortunately, the 11th episode’s new date and time are yet unknown. The official production team has merely said that the new release date will be announced as soon as it is determined.

Orient Episode 10 recap

The previous episode had one of the finest battle sequences in the Orient, as Nanao received a magical sword that can transform into seven blades. This implies it has the ability to kill three individuals at the same time.

As a result, Musashi, Kojiro, and Tsugumi must now battle Nanao in order to preserve their lives. Kojiro, on the other hand, was able to tactically corner Nanao and beat him in the end.

But that wasn’t all; the characters also had to deal with the Obsidian Goddess. They cornered her as well, and she picked Musashi to be the host.

Orient Episode 11 Release Date

She took over his body, which gave him a significant edge at first since she gave him all of her abilities. Musashi can utilise his newfound abilities to fend off the otherworldly entities that are drawn to him.

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Plot Summary

Hinomoto is a demon-ruled nation where being a Samurai is punishable by death. Musashi is a 15-year-old kid who lives on this island and is aware of the Demons’ existence.

He promised his closest buddy as a boy that one day he would become a warrior and defeat the Demons that ruled their world.

Musashi, on the other hand, fit in as a miner with the rest after five years. These humans have been duped into believing that the demons are their saviours, and as a result, they must now labour to serve them.

He kept his viewpoint and expertise to himself in order to fit in with the other miners. His only purpose now is to topple the Demons and reveal the truth to everybody.

Where can I watch Orient Episode 11?


If you haven’t seen Orient yet, Crunchyroll has the first ten episodes accessible. To see all of the episodes of Orient, click the link below, and stay tuned for further information. Crunchyroll has Orient.

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