Justin Timberlake’s Hilarious Rebuttal to the Claim That His Girlfriend Looks Like Jessica Biel!

In reaction to online criticism about his wife Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake shared a humorous video in which he mocks himself. The “Rock Your Body” singer, 42, posted a selfie video on TikTok on May 16 along with a screenshot of a comment that read, “I don’t know who you are but your girlfriend looks like Jessica Biel.” Congrats!”

The social media user gave it two thumbs up and a heart emoji, indicating that they were very impressed. Timberlake’s video answer shows him taking off his shades slowly to reveal a deadpan expression of shame. Just “Yeah, yeah,” he keeps saying. After that, he joked in the caption, “From now on I’m only going by ‘Jessica Biel’s Boyfriend.'”In the comments section, fans continued to make fun of the ex-N Sync member.

“Mr. Biel… We’ve seen you around… Laughing emojis were added to one person’s “just can’t place you” joke.

Added another, “JT got HUMBLED.” Two months and one day after posting a romantic homage to Biel in honor of her 41st birthday on March 3, Timberlake has released a hilarious video featuring the actress.

Justin Timberlake New Girlfriend Jessica Biel

First, I’ll tell you about this person. As a life partner, she is the embodiment of my wildest dreams: strong, elegant, and stunning. Moreover, today is her birthday! Timberlake shared a string of intimate photos of Biel on Instagram alongside a lengthy caption.

In his words, “I’m so delighted you were born, my darling. Moreover, I count myself extremely fortunate that you have decided to embark on this journey we call life with me. Being a beautiful old age. For as far as the eye can see, I love you.

The ten-time Grammy champ ended his message with the word “Huz.” Eventually, after years together, Timberlake and Biel got married in 2012. Two of their kids, Silas and Phineas, are siblings.

When Biel and her husband finally admitted they had renewed their marital vows in October of 2022, the world was shocked. On TODAY with Hoda & Jenna the following month, the “Candy” star discussed the emotional event.

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“It was very intimate, very small,” Biel remarked. We barely managed to pull this off with the help of a few of our pals. Almost called it off at the last minute. At first, we were like, “Oh, is this silly? Is it possible that we’ll feel silly for doing this?

“And it was really touching, too. Wow, we’re very kind, we’re going to keep doing this, I thought. The attention is on us. It was a very lovely sensation.

Over 1.7 million of *NSYNC’s fans got in on the joke, with one commenting, “I don’t know who Jessica Biel is but you look like her spouse” and another responding, “What!!! Did you get to hang out with Jessica Biel? who are your friends? the Backstreet Boys? Holy cow, that’s insane! Someone else seized the joke to subtly request more music from the singer: “Jessica Biel‘s boyfriend should totally drop an album or something.”

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Despite the fact that Timberlake hasn’t released a full album since 2018’s Man of the Woods, the singer’s frequent producer Timbaland hinted at the imminent release of Timberlake’s sixth solo album last month. He described the work as “nothing too heavy,” or what people would normally expect from the group. This song is “not overthought, the lyrics are not so deep, it’s bob-your-head, dance-to-it music.”

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