Who is Wendi Kong Dating from Love Is Blind? Have a Look at Her Dating History!

Wendi, a dater on Love Is Blind, may not have had a lot of screen time in season 4, but she’s getting a lot of attention now. Yes, Kacia Clark wasn’t the only person from Love Is Blind season 4 to make news after that messy (and very late) meeting.

While the first one caused trouble between Jackie and Marshall when Jackie said at the reunion that her ex-boyfriend wanted the engagement ring back so he could propose to another woman in the pods (aka Kacia), the second one has gotten Wendi involved in all the trouble between Micah and Paul.

Not only that, but Wendi was also one half of a Love Is Blind season 4 pair whose engagement and relationship we never got to see on the show. But who did she have a ring on? And what does she have to do with the fact that Paul and Micah broke up? What we know is as follows.

Who Is Wendi, the Fourth-Season Dater on “Love Is Blind”?

Who is wendi kong dating

Wendi Kong is an aerospace engineer who is 28 years old and from Seattle, Washington. She is part of the season 4 group of Love Is Blind. According to her official cast bio on Netflix Tudum(opens in new tab), Wendy had “no time” and was “too content” to focus on dating because of her busy job and social life, but she still wanted to be on the reality dating show to “potentially find love.”

“As for the kind of guy she likes, Wendi is all about a partner who has ‘compassion, commitment, and energy,'” the bio said. “He has to be able to keep up with her on the hiking trail or at the gym.” Did the pods have what she was looking for? Let’s find out!

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Who Was Wendi Engaged To?

On Love Is Blind, it’s become normal for there to be couples whose love stories we don’t get to see on TV for one reason or another. Wendi’s date with 29-year-old technical product manager Jimmy Forde was one of two relationships that happened off-camera during season four.


Wendi told Tudum about her relationship with Jimmy, “I told him things that probably wouldn’t have come out unless I’d been dating the same person for months and months and months.” She called Jimmy’s proposal to her in the pods “very exciting” and “a mix of relief,” adding, “Like, ‘Oh, OK, I can do things at my own pace now.'”

Who Is Wendi Kong Dating

Even though the couple didn’t get to go to Mexico with the rest of the group, they stayed together when they left the pods and went back to Seattle, Washington, where they lived. Jimmy told Tudum, “That’s when it started coming back to earth and things started to fall apart a little.”

Wendi and Jimmy broke up after three months of dating after the pods, but she doesn’t regret taking part in the dating exercise. “It definitely helped me get back on track. She said, “[The show] pushed and stretched me in ways I wouldn’t have been stretched otherwise.”

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Did Wendi Date Paul from ‘Love Is Blind’?

Who Is Wendi Kong Dating


During that Tudum interview, Wendi said that after she broke up with Jimmy, she got “really close” to Paul Peden. As you know, Paul proposed to Micah, but in the Love Is Blind season 4 episode, he left Micah standing at the altar.

Paul told E! News that he and Wendi got back together after he broke up with Micah: “There was another girl, Wendi, who was an aerospace engineer. I talked a lot with her. I felt like I knew her forever.” He said they went out together, but they were “never exclusive.”

But their similarities were “almost too much,” Paul told the source. “I like myself, but I’m not sure I like myself enough to want to get married to myself. We were a lot alike.”

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