Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating 2023? What We Know About How They Got Together?

Chloe Veitch, an English model, and media personality born on March 6th, 1999, is so well-liked that many people are curious about Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating 2023. Please tell me who Chloe Veitch is dating in 2023.

Who Is Chloe Veitch?

Chloe Veitch Dating

An English model and media personality, Chloe Veitch’s March 6th, 1999 birthday made her a household name with her roles in series including Too Hot To Handle (2020), The Circle (2021), and Perfect Match (2021). (2023).

She has also been seen in the upcoming episodes of Celebrity Ghost Tour (2021) and Celebrity Hunted (2022). She earned the “Fan Favorite” award and was a runner-up in the second season of The Circle after being a finalist in the first season of Too Hot To Handle.

Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating 2023?

News has exclusively confirmed that reality TV personality Chloe Veitch is dating NHL player Ivan Lodnia. Chloe claims that they started dating after meeting by chance in Malibu, California. Chloe and Ivan have been together for over two months, and they have already begun making plans for their future together. She says she finally found love after making appearances on dating shows including Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, and Perfect Match on Netflix.

Chloe Veitch Dating

Chloe recently revealed that she and her Perfect Match co-star Shayne had split up shortly after filming wrapped. Chloe and Shayne developed feelings for one another on the show, but their time together was cut short when Chloe’s ex from Season 2 of The Circle, Mitchell Eason, made an appearance. There was a brief rekindling of Chloe and Mitchell’s old flame, but their inability to talk things out eventually put an end to it. When Chloe departed the villa, she broke up with Shayne, the man she had chosen as her perfect match.

Chloe has found a new love interest in Ivan Lodnia, a 23-year-old former NHL player for the Niagara IceDogs and Dinamo Minsk. In June of last year, he and the Chicago Wolves won the American Hockey League title. Chloe seemed to have found a winner in Ivan, and she started skating with him.

When she met him, she had never heard of hockey, as she told E! News. “It will be fun to see him perform. When I first stepped onto the ice, I stumbled and fell, but he helped me right myself right away. Maybe I’ll be the next frozen princess.”

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Meet Chloe Veitch Boyfriend

Chloe Veitch is dating hockey player Ivan Lodnia, and she told E! News exclusively about their relationship. After meeting Ivan in Malibu, California, Chloe reached out to him and is now planning for a future together. After more than two months of cohabiting, Chloe is confident that Ivan is the one for her. She is overjoyed to be starting a family and says she cannot afford to wait any longer.

Chloe felt she was now ready to discover her soul mate because of her time spent on the dating reality shows Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, and Perfect Match. She also noted that the shared ambitions between her and Ivan make their connection all the more invigorating. She recently broke up with her Perfect Match co-star, Shayne Jansen, and the news of her romance with Ivan came as a shock to everyone. Their romance was just starting to take off when they ran into some difficulties, and Chloe and Shayne broke up.

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Are Perfect Match’s Chloe And Mitchell Still Together?

Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason have earned a private date with each other after completing their task and earning the right to invite two contestants into the Ideal Match villa. Mitchell said he wasn’t ready for a serious commitment, therefore the date didn’t go as well as hoped. The actor decided to pursue other opportunities.

Chloe Veitch Dating

“You tick a lot of boxes,” he said to Chloe. Having a good heart is one of the most important qualities in a female, and you have that. I mean, you’re very stunning. But, I’ve always felt restrained by the relationships I’ve entered into.

To continue, Mitchell said, “When it comes to a relationship, it’s an area that I don’t consciously put effort into. I know I’m young, and I know I want to experience the world. I haven’t dated much, but I’ve had a lot of one-night stands with many different individuals, and once the time comes for me to make a serious commitment, I generally just say, “See ya!” In a way, I feel pressured and guilty since I know you want to move through with this.

I’m just trying to be sincere. I refuse to put anyone else’s needs before my own. Currently, I am not seeking a romantic partner. For the time being, it seems the couple’s intimate relationship will not be rekindled.

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