Who is Oliver Tree Dating in 2023? A Look At His Current Relationship!

Oliver Tree, an American singer, producer, filmmaker, and Instagram star, was born in Santa Cruz, California, on June 29, 1993. After releasing his hit song “When I’m Down,” which quickly went viral, he first found popularity and celebrity.

Around interesting celebrities, there are frequently a lot of dating scandals and news. Is Oliver Tree single or dating someone, and who is Oliver Tree’s girlfriend? are the most commonly asked questions. We’re here to dispel dating myths about Oliver’s romantic relationships and girlfriends.

Quick Facts About the Olive Tree

Name Olive Tree
Birth June 29, 1993
Nationality American
Gender Male
Occupation Singer,  Writer, Producer
Relationship Not Confirmed
Net Worth $500 Thousand

Who is Oliver Tree?

Oliver Tree, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is renowned for blending parts of rock, hip-hop, and electronic music to create a distinctive fusion of musical styles. Oliver Tree was born on June 29, 1993, in Santa Cruz, California. He began displaying musical talent at a young age; at three, he started taking piano lessons, and by the time he was six, he had written an album. Later, he was a member of the Irony ska band, where he played guitar.

Tree became interested in techno and hip-hop music as a teenager in high school and started DJing. Along with recording with the rap group Mindfuck, he also performed at some festivals and produced dubstep music under the alias Kryph. When Tree was 17 years old, he had already performed as the opening act for artists like Tyler, the Creator, and Frank Ocean.


2010 saw Tree formally begin a solo recording career. Although he first self-released his music, he eventually signed with R&S Records in 2011. After taking a break to study music technology at the California Institute of the Arts, Tree returned in 2013 with the release of his debut EP, “Demons.”

He issued an independent album titled “Splitting Branches” in the same year. Three years later, Tree made his broadcast debut on “Last Call with Carson Daly,” performing alongside DJ and rapper Getter. Tree also had a viral hit with his song “When I’m Down,” which brought him his greatest notoriety to date.

Who is the Olive Tress Dating?

There is no confirmation about the Dating Status of the Olive tree in 2023. Oliver Tree is shown seated at a vanity mirror in the initial image, facing away from the camera. On October 28, the artist released a music video for her hit song Miss You. He immediately adopts a stunned, gaping expression as he turns to face the camera.


Pink cat-ear headphones and a pink gaming console are seen on the 29-year-old. Oliver’s reaction is subsequently caught on film as the camera pans. With a pink wig, clothes, and cat ears on, Belle Delphine enters through the door. She licks her teeth suggestively as the camera focuses on her mouth, cutting to a close-up of Oliver doing the same.

Naturally, some fans are baffled by the film and its description, which have received a lot of comments. People wonder if this suggests a romantic connection between Oliver and Belle or if Oliver paid Belle to be in the movie.

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