Tim Aymar Cause of Death: Check Out How People Reacted to His Death!

Tim Aymar, who sang for the band’s CONTROL DENIED and PHARAOH, has died. He was 59 years old. People are curious about the cause of Tim Aymar’s death. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for Tim Aymar’s untimely death. Keep Reading

Quick Facts About the Tim Aymar

Name Tim Aymar
Birth September 4, 1963
Age 59
Marital Status NA
Occupation Singer
Death February 14, 2023

About the Timothy L. Aymar

Timothy L. Aymar is an American heavy metal singer. He is best known for his work with Chuck Schuldiner in the progressive metal band Control Denied and as the lead singer for the band Pharaoh.

Tim Aymar went to A.W. Beattie Technical School to learn more after he graduated from Hampton High School. In 2010, he went to ITT Technical Institute to study computer electronics and engineering technology.

On September 4, 1963, he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He became famous for his fierce performances with Chuck Schuldiner’s band Control Denied, but he had already been a singer for a long time.

Tim Aymar death

Since 1985, he has been the singer for the band 313. Later, he became a member of Triple x and released an album with them. Soon after that, Jim Dofka asked him to join the band Psych Scream and played Chuck Schuldiner and Death songs for him.

When Schuldiner heard Aymar’s vocals on Psycho Scream, he wanted to work with him and got in touch with him through their friend and bandmate Jim Dofka.

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What Happened With Tim Aymar?

Tim Aymar died. He was a heavy metal singer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a member of the band Control Denied. He passed away when he was 59.

HELIOS wrote in a post on February 14, 2023, “It is with unfathomable sorrow that we must confirm the death of our Vocalist, Manufacturer, and most importantly, Brother: Tim Aymar.” The real cause of Tim Aymar’s death has not been made public.

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What is the Cause of Tim Aymar’s Death?

We are heartbroken to hear that Tim Aymar died too soon. He was a mainstay of the Pittsburgh music scene and had one of the best metal voices of all time. The 13th and 14th of February 2023, (sometimes). Tim wrote on his Facebook page that he had food poisoning a few days before he died.

His family and online news outlets have not yet found out what caused his death. We will change Tim Aymar’s page as soon as the official sources tell us what caused Tim Aymar’s death.

Tim Aymar’s family will announce his death and funeral plans in a newspaper. We are very sorry for Mr. Tim Aymar’s family, friends, fans, and bandmates. Sir, rest in peace.

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People’s Reaction to Tim Aymar’s Death

Tammy Lee

Seriously, does anyone know what might have happened to Tim Aymar? I heard that he died, but we were just messaging and making plans to work on a project together. He said that a neighbor brought him food on Saturday that made him sick, so if anyone can look into that, they should. Please send me a message and tell me.

Jerry Bryant

Tim Aymar from Control Denied (with Chuck Schuldiner) and Pharaoh died today, according to the official DEATH page. Sad to the core. His voice is one of the main reasons why The Fragile Art Of Existence is one of my favourite albums of all time. Ugh. Sucks. #RIPTim

313 Posted

Tim Aymar has died, and I tell you this with tears in my eyes. I have no details yet. I’m just going through all the pictures of our career and friendship, which started on a magical day in 1979 when I tried out for our first band, Alladinsane. We then started Overlord. After that, Mark, Doug, and Ned joined us to make 313.

The Fall of Me posted,

Tim Aymar was a singer in our area who worked with us for a long time. We just found out that he died suddenly. In the past year, we had the chance to work with him on two projects: a cover of “Phantom of the Opera” and his own song “Temptation.” Tim’s voice was easy to recognize and made people listen to him. He was the perfect “Phantom.” We’re sorry for his family and friends, and we know that his voice will be missed in the music world. Don’t worry, Tim

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