The Devil Conspiracy Review: What Happens at the End of the Story?

Hollywood has been surprisingly tame in regard to Christianity, given that the film business is a voracious machine that devours everything that crosses its covetous gaze. It’s amusing that Marvel’s Thor is more well-known than the original Nordic deity, given that we don’t care about the profanation of old cultures to create odious works like Gods of Egypt.

However, despite the fact that the Bible is replete with stories suited for exploration via a fantastical lens, the majority of fantasy films, such as Noah, are intended as historical dramas. And when it comes to horror, the genre that could, we’re left with these outdated exorcism themes that occasionally read like Vatican propaganda. Hollywood did attempt to convert the 2010 film Legion into a franchise and failed miserably. Still, the rarity of films like The Devil Conspiracy is fairly remarkable.

The Devil Conspiracy’s trailer suggests that the film is about Satanists snatching the Shroud of Turin and cloning the antichrist using Jesus’ DNA. It also entails Archangel Michael (Peter Mensah) possessing the corpse of a deceased priest (Joe Doyle) in order to kick some devil-worshipping a**. On the basis of this plot summary, one could wager that The Devil Conspiracy would either be the most entertaining film of the year or a complete flop. Unfortunately, both are true for The Devil’s Conspiracy. The Devil Conspiracy squanders its potential by taking itself too seriously, as evidenced by its fluctuating tone and sluggish pacing during its 111-minute running length.


Without giving away the film’s surprises, the first act of The Devil Conspiracy is one of the most insanity-inducing moments in cinematic history. Combining action and horror, The Devil Conspiracy appears to embrace the campiness of its premise by amplifying the insanity. And while horror and action are infamous for relying too much on clichés, no other film features a corpse possessed by an angel strolling away from an explosion.

The Devil Conspiracy is as entertaining as it sounds if you are aware of its twisted idea, and several sequences are so deliciously goofy that they would fit perfectly in a Sam Raimi film. In case there was any doubt, this is tremendous praise.

The Devil Conspiracy Review
The Devil Conspiracy Review

Depressingly, The Devil Conspiracy overstays its welcome and drags out a script that should have received additional polishing. Because, after a disjointed first act, the film gradually resembles a standard action film with a dash of horror. The characters have little to do, and the movie focuses on the same elements till the end credits. What could have been a hilarious journey through some of the most bizarre areas of Christianity becomes a tedious tale of good versus evil.

Numerous factors support The Devil’s Conspiracy. Unexpected attention to detail results in special effects that transcend expectations for a film of this nature. The overall quality of the film’s performances serves to elevate its simple characters. Even Mensah was cast as Archangel Michael, demonstrating the great production value of the film. Unfortunately, the tale is too weak for its own benefit. Perhaps because it received a larger budget than it required.


B-movies are so popular because they can make us both laugh and cringe by employing whatever techniques they can afford. The Devil Conspiracy is obviously well-funded, which may explain why it departs from its B-movie roots and ventures into the perilous realm of blockbuster ambitions. It’s an odd thing to say about a film that features a bioengineered Jesus Christ, but for the majority of its running time, The Devil Conspiracy restricts its ingenuity in favor of something that could appeal to a wider audience.

It is simple to comprehend the technique, as filmmaking is a business and every producer must earn box office profits. Nonetheless, if The Devil Conspiracy had allowed its unconventional approach to Christianity to flourish, it would have been considerably more memorable than it is now.

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