Inside Job Season 2 Release Date: Cast| Plot| Trailer| Latest Updates!

When will the second season of Inside Job come out? The adult sci-fi workplace comedy from Netflix came out in 2019, after the platform released a lot of popular adult animated shows. We’re talking about shows like BoJack Horseman, Big Mouth, and Disenchantment.

In season 1, we met the main character, Reagan Ridley, and saw how she dealt with her life as a robotics engineer with her dysfunctional team over the course of more than ten episodes.

And Netflix meant it when it said: “dysfunctional.” The team is made up of people who don’t go well together, like a psychic mushroom and a man-dolphin super soldier. We know that Shion has a multi-year deal with Netflix, so let’s talk about what comes next with Inside Job season 2. Join us as we guess about the show’s release date, trailer, cast, plot, and more.

Inside Job Season 2 Release Date

We don’t know when Inside Job season 2 will come out as of January 2023. We know that there will be a second season. But Netflix has decided to bring back the sci-fi show for a second season in June 2022.

Inside Job season 2 release date

Part 1 of Season 1 came out in November 2021, and the second half probably came out a year later. So, if season 2 of Inside Job follows this pattern, it might be available to stream in November 2023.

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Who Could be in the Cast of Inside Job Season 2?

Lizzie Caplan, Clark Durke, John DiMaggio, and everyone else from the deep state are all likely to be back for the second season of Inside Job.

We don’t know for sure if Christian Slater will come back as Ridley’s alcoholic father Rand, but we have a sneaking suspicion that he will. Adam Scott’s Ron, the love of Regan’s life who erased his memory and ran away from the shadow government, is one person we hope won’t come back.

  • Lizzy Caplan as Reagan Ridley
  • Christian Slater as Rand Ridley
  • Clark Duke as Brett Hand
  • Tisha Campbell as Gigi
  • Brett Gelman as Magic Myc
  • John DiMaggio as Glenn Dolphman
  • Bobby Lee as Dr Andrew
  • Chris Diamantopoulous as Robotus

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What will happen in Inside Job Season 2?

Most likely, the second season of Inside Job will pick up where the first one left off. With Regan in charge of Cognito Inc. and working with the Shadow Board to keep people safe from themselves.

Inside Job season 2 release date

We know that Regan is working on a supposedly good algorithm (we’ll see how long it stays good) that will lead humanity to a better future, so we think that will play a role, as will “Project X37” from the Black Robes, which sounds pretty scary.

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Lastly, the rest of the cast will likely get into more trouble on Deep State. We’d try to guess what they’d do, but let’s be honest: if we were right, the shadow government would just wipe our memories of being right.

Is there any Trailer for Inside Job Season 2?

As we know there is no official announcement on Inside Job Season 2. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for season first of Inside Job below.

Where to watch Inside Job?

All ten episodes of the first season of Inside Job can be watched on Netflix. And, as we said before, so can other great adult animated comedies on Netflix, like Big Mouth and Human Resources, which is a spin-off of Big Mouth. Netflix has recently picked up both of these shows again.

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