Where is Sharon Murphy and What Happened to Her? Is Sharon Murphy Under Investigation?

Brittany Murphy was born in November 1977 to Sharon Murphy and Angelo Bertolotti, her parents. Sharon and Angelo split shortly after their daughter’s birth.

Sharon was mostly responsible for her daughter’s upbringing in New Jersey. They quickly relocated to Los Angeles, California, so Brittany could pursue her acting ambitions.

 Sharon described how they were always together and there for one another. She was twice diagnosed with cancer, and Brittany cared for her throughout.


What Happened to Sharon Murphy?

Sharon’s possible involvement in Brittany’s death was extensively questioned, and Simon’s death so soon after Brittany’s only served to re-elevate this issue. However, Dr. Wecht does not feel Sharon was responsible for Brittany’s passing.

“I do not feel that [Brittany and Simon’s killings] are related in the sense that they were both murdered by the same person. I do not believe they are related in the sense that Simon Monjack murdered his wife before committing suicide.

I had no basis for believing this. I do not believe that Sharon Murphy murdered her daughter and son-in-law. I have no faith in any of that. Not at all, not at all “Dr. Wecht remarked.

According to him, he has no doubt that both of them died as a result of untreated underlying health conditions that went untreated for an extended period.

where is sharon murphy
where is sharon murphy

Where is Sharon Murphy Located at This Time?

When Brittany’s relatives began to “battle” over her possessions, the news spread around the world. Brittany disinherited her husband before her death. The unknown is the motive behind her actions.

The only thing we know for sure is that the couple had an argument like couples always do. However, following her passing, her husband, Simon Monjack, acquired control of her financial affairs.


Once, when Brittany was required to sign a tax document, Simon denied Murphy’s attorney access to Brittany. The documentary revealed that Monjack exerted some sort of control over Brittany while she was still alive.

Is Sharon Murphy Under Investigation for Abuse?

In an interview, Brittany’s father was granted a media house; he indicated that he thought certain aspects to be inconsistent. Dr. Cyril Wecht, an eminent forensic pathologist, concurred with his findings.

However, the doctor did not believe Sharon Murphy to be responsible for the death of her daughter. He stated, “I do not believe Sharon Murphy murdered her daughter and son-in-law. I do not accept any of it. In response, the physician denied the allegation.

According to him, the couple had untreated health problems that ultimately led to their mortality. Why, then, is Sharon Murphy currently the centre of theories? There has been no response to this query.

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