Where is Jason Carter Now? Did He Murder His Mother? Murder Trial Case Verdict

Jason Carter was charged with the murder of his mother in 2015. Shirley Carter was fatally shot in her Marion County home on June 19, 2015, and her son, Jason Carter, was charged with murder.

Bill and Billy Carter, Jason’s father and brother, sued him for her wrongful death in 2017 and obtained a $10 million award, which was upheld by the Iowa Supreme Court in March. On March 21, 2019, when Jason’s criminal trial finally began, the jury declared him not guilty.

Later, a federal appeals court partially reinstated Jason’s lawsuit against the investigators who had accused him of killing his mother.

Jason filed state and federal lawsuits against the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent Mark Ludwick, Marion County and its sheriff Reed Kious, and his father Bill Carter, following his acquittal.

He accused Mark and the other detectives of making false statements during the inquiry, failing to pursue leads pointing to other suspects, and concealing evidence supporting his innocence.

A judge dismissed the federal complaint in August 2020 on the grounds that the lawsuit was an improper attempt to relitigate Jason’s loss in his family’s civil suit.

The 8th United States Circuit Court of Appeals reversed that verdict on five of Jason’s six claims in July 2021, stating that the case addressed the criminal investigation and not his family’s legal complaint.

The unsigned decision upheld the dismissal of Jason’s argument that the county failed to train or supervise its officers adequately.

The attorney representing Jason, Glen Downey, stated that the ruling is long overdue but excellent news for his client.


“This has already been a difficult process for Jason, and the delay between his dismissal and the revival of the case has only made matters worse,” Downey said.

The next move, according to him, will be to request evidence from investigators as part of the civil discovery procedure.

Downey stated, “We have a good sense of what we believe occurred, but we are aware that this may only be the top of the iceberg.” “It is crucial that we get to the bottom of exactly what the defendants did to frame Jason for a crime he clearly did not commit.”

However, it appeared that discovery would have to wait since a lawyer for Jason’s father stated that he planned to urge the court to dismiss the lawsuit once more.

Mark Weinhardt stated in an email that the lawsuit is “the litigation equivalent of a walking corpse” and highlighted that the district and appellate courts have not yet examined the defendants’ additional arguments for dismissal.

where is jason carter now
where is jason carter now

“If it is not dismissed on other grounds sooner, it will vanish once all proceedings on the civil jury verdict are concluded and Jason Carter is eternally found guilty of killing his mother,” Weinhardt wrote. “We are optimistic that day will soon arrive. In fact, the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision nearly resolved this case.”

Jason’s claim against Mark Ludwick and the state was dismissed in June 2021, according to court records, after the court determined that the defendants were entitled to sovereign immunity as state employees under the Iowa Tort Claims Act. Then, Jason submitted an appeal.

A district court judge rejected the last round of litigation about Shirley Carter’s death in January 2022, stating that the lawsuit must end.

On January 24, 2022, District Court Judge Jeffrey Farrell rejected Jason’s latest effort to vacate the $10,2 million civil judgment.

Where is Jason Carter at This Time? Did He Murder His Mother? Murder Trial Case Verdict

The latest murder trial revealed that Jason carter did not murder his mother Shirley. In 2017, a jury indicted him for murder, and her brother and father received a $10 million settlement.

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In 2019, the case was retried, and this time the jury found Jason not guilty. In this light, the significance of his deeds cannot be denied. For wrongly charging him of first-degree murder, he filed a civil complaint against his father, brother, and the court.

He accused Mark Ludwick, an agent for criminal investigation, of mishandling the case and concealing evidence proving his innocence.

Was He Found Guilty Or Not Guilty In The Murder Trial?

The original jury found Jason Carter guilty, but when the decision was upheld by the Iowa Supreme Court in 2019, a second jury found him not guilty. The case’s judgment is still pending, though.

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Carter’s attorney, Glenn Downey, indicated that the process has been arduous but that he is optimistic about the outcome. He will also require evidence from the investigators based on civil discovery.

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