Taylor Blake and Kristian Haggerty Engaged: Here is Everything You Need to Know!

Alumni of Bachelor in Paradise Taylor Blake and Kristian Haggerty have decided that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. When the two beautiful women kissed each other two years ago, they became well-known, and people found out about their relationship. They recently told each other that they were going to get married by posting about it on social media.

Taylor Blake and Kristian Haggerty’s Engagement Announcement on Instagram

The couple’s Instagram account is where they shared the news that they are now engaged. Taylor Blake and Kristian Haggerty told their Instagram followers about the news. It is said that Kristian Haggerty has asked his girlfriend Taylor Blake to marry him and that she has said yes. From the pictures of the carousels, it’s clear that the couple is very happy to be spending the rest of their lives together.


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 Taylor Blake wrote this as the caption for the photo: “The purest love, and now it’s official. This is us, and I can’t think of how it could be any other way. Even when I’m in overalls and in a cow pasture, my answer will always be “yes.” @kristianhaggerty, I love you more than words can say. 12.14.22.”

The caption that Kristian put on the picture he posted says, “SHE SAID YES!!! Now until the end of time with the woman who makes me whole. This ring shows how much I love the person I’m with. I love you more than anything, Taylor. I can’t wait to tell you about the rest of my life!!! I had the best night of my life on 12.14.22. We’re better together. All in all, this is us, @hiitaylorblake.”

They Made It Official on Instagram in February 2020

Kristian Haggerty, who was on The Bachelor in Paradise, said she was dating one of her best friends, Taylor Blake, in January 2020. After a rough turn in Paradise, the 30-year-old beauty proposed to her girlfriend Demi Burnett. However, the couple broke up just a few months later.


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 Kristian’s sweet post about Taylor’s 27th birthday on January 16, 2020, showed how happy she is that their friendship has recently turned into a relationship.

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The premiere of The Thing About Harry was on February 12, and Kristian posted a video of her and her girlfriend, who looked like they never left each other’s side. But Kristian seems happy about her new boyfriend, while Demi seems to have moved on.

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty Broke Up 

During their time on Bachelor in Paradise, Demi and Kristian were great examples of same-sex couples, and they even made fans of Bachelor Nation think there was more to come.

Demi was going to spend the rest of her life with Derek Peth after they hit it off, but when Kristian Peth came to the island, her heart pulled her toward him. Kristian was not a part of the Bachelor franchise, but she was brought on because she was dating Demi before she was on Bachelor in Paradise.

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But it didn’t look like their love would last for very long. A few months after they left the island in October 2019, the couple posted a joint statement on social media. “The most important things in our relationship have always been love and care for each other. On their Instagram page, the couple said, “Our top priority is to do what’s best for us.” “Our hearts are heavy with love for each other, and we’ve decided to take a step back from our relationship.”

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