How to Download an Instagram Video in 2022?

We can’t help but watch the same Instagram videos over and over again. You may run into difficulties, though, if you try to save an Instagram video for offline viewing.

There is a save option for videos right in the app. But you can’t utilize them in a presentation, add them to a supercut, or watch them without an internet connection. As long as you provide credit where credit is due and don’t claim the videos as your own, downloading and distributing them is fine. However, it is next to impossible to achieve.

We’ve already done the research and dealt with the annoying ads, so you don’t have to. In this article, we’ll show you how to save Instagram videos to your device or computer using the most effective tools and third-party programs.

Instagram: The Steps of Video Downloading

First things first: saving a video from Instagram to your phone’s gallery. There are a variety of methods for saving Instagram videos on any modern smart device, whether you’re using an iPhone, an Android, or something else entirely. Then you can send them to a computer via airdrop or email.

Manually Method

Taking a screenshot of a video is impossible, but screen recording is a feature on most modern smartphones.

  • Both iOS and Android devices require manual adjustment of quick settings to enable screen recording. After that, all you have to do is swipe up to access your fast menu, select “record,” and watch the video unfold.
  • A method to save videos from Instagram is to record your screen.
  • A screen recording is in process on an iPhone when a red bar appears across the top of the screen.
instagram video download

While the Process Is Straightforward, Here Are a Few Pointers for A Flawless Recording:

  • Get the volume up to where it needs to be. To make a video, you must play the entire thing while simultaneously recording your entire phone’s screen. That means the video will include you doing whatever you want on your phone. Don’t press record without first adjusting the volume, unless you want to demonstrate that you’re turning up the volume.
  • Please respect our request for silence. In spite of how well your preferences may be set, nothing is more annoying than an unwelcome window that suddenly appears. Part of the video will be blocked out if you get a message from your mom or an angry notification from DuoLingo. Briefly activating “Do Not Disturb” can halt notifications and let you clean up your UI.
  • Snip and snip. Remove any fluff if you plan to use it in a more formal setting or if you simply plan to save it for future reference. A video that begins with the “screen recording” pop-up and concludes with your Instagram homepage will not be well received. We can assure you that they are not interested in learning the make and model of your phone or the network provider you use. In order to keep the attention on the material being discussed, you should utilize your phone to edit the video after you have filmed it.
  • Rewatch as often as you like. Because screen recording is not a flawless approach, there are probably many other things that could go wrong. To ensure proper capture, check the video before, during, and after recording.

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To What Extent Is It Possible to Save Videos from Instagram on A Desktop?

Perhaps even more so than on a mobile device, downloading videos from Instagram is a breeze on a desktop or laptop computer. For the video, you need only copy the post’s URL and paste it into a video downloader site like AceThinker. It’s also possible to get similar functionality in browser add-ons.

instagram video download

In fact, if you’re a real whiz with computers, you can look at the URL for an Instagram video’s source and extract the MP4 code to save to your hard drive.

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Is It Legal to Download Instagram Videos?

While downloading Instagram videos for private use is not against the rules, there is some ambiguity surrounding the usage of the content for commercial purposes. It is highly unethical to claim someone else’s work as your own, especially if you have made any changes to the original.

Give proper credit to the original Instagram account and make it clear that the video is not your own.

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