Gloria Borger Plastic Surgery: Has the American Journalist Undergone a Facelift Surgery?

The American journalist, columnist, and political commentator Gloria Anne Borger was born on September 22, 1952. Borger heads CNN’s political analysis team. She began working for CNN in 2007, and since then she has made several appearances on CNN programs, including The Situation Room.


Prior to joining CNN, Borger served as a national political correspondent for CBS News, where she often appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation and 60 Minutes II. Borger co-anchored the CNBC show Capital Report in 2002 and 2004. Before that, she was a columnist and contributing editor at U.S. News & World Report. In 1979, Borger wrote for Newsweek about the disaster at Three Mile Island.

On September 22, 1952, in New Rochelle, New York, Gloria Borger entered the world. Borger received her diploma from New Rochelle High School in 1970. She eventually enrolled at Colgate University, where she earned a degree in 1974. Her father, a Jewish businessman, founded and ran an electrical distribution firm called Borger’s, into which she was born. Borger spent his formative years in New Rochelle.

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The Gloria Borger Plastic Surgery – What About a Facelift and Some Botox?

Graceful Gloria Borger has not aged a bit, with not even a hint of sagging skin or fine lines appearing on her face. Many famous people in the media get facelifts, and she’s one of them. We were surprised to learn her true age because she seems so youthful.

She was already stunning before the treatment, but Gloria’s appearance became even more glamorous afterward. She looks beautiful and ageless without a single wrinkle on her face. Reports claim that Borger had a facelift and Botox injections.

According to American journalist Anderson Cooper, President Donald Trump has no interest in addressing the nation’s systemic and social inequalities, and he sees little political or moral reward in doing so. And so he sought out CNN’s top political analyst, Gloria Borger, for her thoughts.

gloria borger plastic surgery

I don’t think he has any want to do it, and I don’t think he has the ability to do it,” Borger added. Please reflect on today’s events, Anderson. Here we have NASCAR outlawing the use of Confederate flags.

She elaborated, “If the President cared about racial healing, he may tweet, ‘This is a terrific idea. You have our gratitude, NASCAR. He is well aware that many of his supporters are NASCAR fans. He claims to be an avid NASCAR supporter. So why not cheer them on? As a reward for moral behavior, that’s very simple. You should be proud that your Defense and Army Secretaries have indicated they are willing to consider the possibility of changing the titles of those military installations. But what did he end up doing instead? He turned off the power.

In addition, Gloria Borger argued, the President does not comprehend the legitimate protesters, the vast majority of whom are calling for societal change. Even if he won’t give them any mental energy, all he has to talk about is law and order. The political analyst summed up the situation by saying, “And that gets in the middle of the message which says to the demonstrators, I hear you, I understand you.” I’m willing to provide a hand in resolving the situation in that country, but he must not deliver that speech.

Honors and Prizes

The show Marriage Warriors: Showdown at the Supreme Court, which Borger hosted in 2013, was honored with a National Headliners Award. She was a member of the CNN crew that won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Live Coverage of the 2012 US Election Night and a Peabody Award for its coverage of the 2008 Presidential Primary campaigns and debates. Borger’s “The Odd Couple,” a profile of lawyers David Boies and Ted Olson, was nominated for an Emmy in 2010.

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Personal Life

gloria borger plastic surgery

Borger and her public relations executive husband, Lance Morgan, make their home in the nation’s capital. She’s raising two sons as a single mother. Mary Anne Huntsman, the son of politician Jon Huntsman Jr., is married to her son Evan.

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