8 Amazing Facts About Anna Sorokin…!

A con artist and fraudster with a net worth of $25 million, Anna Delvey was born in Germany but reared in Russia. She was raised in a creative family and started her career as a model.

She eventually transitioned into the real estate industry and became an interior designer. Her parents arrived in the country as immigrants from Germany.

It would seem that a socialite’s intellect is a sophisticated and sophisticated entity.

Despite all the glamour and beauty, there is probably something sinister lurking underneath the surface. a self-destructive craving for attention or an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Take the recently revealed fraudulence of American socialite Anna Delvey as an example.

Some Amazing Facts About Anna Sorokin

1. She’s called many countries home

1991 saw the birth of Anna Sorokin in a town outside of Moscow. Her family relocated to Germany when she was 16 years old, and she now resides there. She moved back to London after completing her secondary education after enrolling at Central Saint Martins. Sorokin, however, dropped out of her study and later went back to Berlin, where she worked as an intern in the public relations agency’s fashion department.

She afterward prepared her belongings for departure for Paris, where she would work as an intern for the French fashion publication Purple. On a business trip for New York Fashion Week in 2013, she discovered that she liked New York over Paris and made the decision to relocate to Purple’s New York office.

2. She knew how to network

Sorokin had progressively built the foundation for her fraud schemes from the beginning by making sure she was seen hanging out with powerful people. A gorgeous German heiress with an interest in collecting art was portrayed in socialite circles for many years.

She socialized with the fashion elite in Paris after reinventing herself as “Anna Delvey,” and she was photographed at upscale London hangouts like Loulou’s and Chiltern Firehouse. She had 40 thousand followers by 2016, which increased her legitimacy as a real affluent socialite.

3. She lived out of lavish NYC hotels without paying

unknown facts anna sorokin

Sorokin had to live lavishly in order to convince everyone in high society that she truly possessed a trust fund worth 60 million euros.

She moved into Manhattan’s opulent 11 Howard hotel, where she was rumored to leave staff workers $100 tips on top of her frequent fine meals at the most expensive restaurants and a wardrobe full of luxury apparel.

Sorokin failed to present a legitimate credit card when staying at the hotel and had an overdrawn account. In order to pay the debt, Sorokin submitted bogus checks totaling $160,000 at the bank and swiftly transferred the money before the checks bounced, allowing her to wire the money to the hotel.

She later lodged at the Beekman and W New York-Union Square hotels. She was kicked out of both hotels after failing to pay her payment, and they later filed charges against her for service theft.

4. Anna Delvey Wasn’t the Only Fake Person She Created

In presenting evidence in Sorokin’s case, New York Assistant District Attorney Catherine McCaw informed the jury that the heiress impostor created a group of “imaginary aides” that she would use to support her fabrication of a wealthy and resourceful persona.

The imaginary staff people, including her “accountant,” were also useful for shifting responsibility when her “wire transfers” of money she owed never materialized.

5. She Had a Million Dollar Idea and Needed Million Dollar Funding

Sorokin had lofty ambitions to build a private artists club in New York, something like the Soho House. She attempted to obtain a $22 million loan from banks and private equity firms to accomplish this by posing as the owner of a 60 million euro wealth.

She proceeded to a different bank to receive an overdraft of $100,000 that she never paid back after Fortress Investment Group stated they would consider the application if she put up $100,000 for them to complete a background check.

She then informed Fortress that she had changed her mind and requested a refund of the $55,000 that she had not yet utilized. She spent the money on a month of lavish lifestyle after that.

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6. Her Scheme Began to Unravel on A Trip to Morocco

unknown facts anna sorokin

On an expense-paid trip to Morocco, Sorokin invited three pals, including former Vanity Fair photo editor Rachel Deloache Williams. Williams ended up paying the $62,000 bill for their trip with the promise of reimbursement after hotel workers at the La Mamounia notified them that Sorokin’s credit cards weren’t functioning a few days into their holiday.

Naturally, Sorokin took months to repay Williams, which prompted the picture editor to file a complaint against her with the police and the district attorney’s office. Sorokin was consequently detained in October 2017.

7. The Courtroom Was Her Runway

Sorokin made the most of her court appearances by serving some glances to the jury as it was deliberating her case. She dressed in Yves Saint Laurent, Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, as well as her now-famous Celine eyewear, with the help of a courtroom stylist.

She apparently placed such a high value on her courtroom attire that she reportedly declined to attend because her clothes weren’t ironed and she wouldn’t dress in prison garb.

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8. She Was Imprisoned, Released Early, and Then Locked up Again

Sorokin was found guilty and given a sentence of 4 to 12 years in jail and a $24,000 fine. She was also required to pay almost $199,000 in restitution. After serving two years on Rikers Island and another two in Albion Correctional Facility, she was granted parole in February 2021 if she continued to behave herself.

However, six weeks later, she was detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement for exceeding her visa’s validity. She is still being held while awaiting deportation to Germany.

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