12 Things About Dua Lipa You Probably Didn’t Know

Dua Lipa, a five-time contender for a Brit Award and undisputed chart-topper, has taken over the music business in recent years. You may be familiar with her famed new rules, but these 12 facts may still astound you.

1. She and A Supporter Have Identical Tattoos.

When She Was in Madrid, a Fan Approached Her and Confessed that They Both Have the Same Angel Tattoo on Their Shoulders as She Had.

2. Her Spelling Is Impeccable

Dua Believes She Doesn’t Have Many Talents Other than Singing, with The Exception of Having Excellent Spelling. She Correctly Spells the Term “pterodactyl” in This Interview. Very Good.

3. She Was a Doorperson at A Club in Mayfair.

Dua Lipa Might Have Been Letting You Into Nightclubs in London a Few Years Ago. or Else She Was Turning You Away, Like She Did with Friends Who Showed up Donning Trainers. She Describes the Situation as “horrible.”

unknown facts about dua lipa

4. Her First Name Is Albanian for ” Love.”

She Apparently Used to Detest Her Name, Even When She Was Young.

5. She Moved out At Age 15

In Order to Further Her Musical Career, Dua Left Her Family’s Home in Kosovo and Relocated to London. Dua Said to Nme Last Year, “the Cooking and The Cleaning… that Was Challenging.” Things Like that Forced Me to Mature Earlier than I Should Have.

6. She Attended the Same College that Amy Winehouse Did.

It Was in Marylebone, London, at The Sylvia Young Theatre School. Rita Ora, Tom Fletcher, and Jesy Nelson of Little Mix Are Just a Few of The Other Notable Grads.

7. She Believed that Participating in Basketball Would Advance Her Dua

Took up Basketball in An Effort to Become Taller Because She Was so Short as A Child. She Claims, “I Thought It Would Help Me Grow, but It Didn’t. “I Did Grow the Moment I Gave Up.”

unknown facts about dua lipa

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8. She Assaulted a Policeman Once… Kind Of

When Dua Was Fifteen, She and Her Friends Were Threatened with Arrest for Throwing Extra Bubble Bath Bubbles Down a Balcony, Hitting a Police Officer Who Was Strolling Underneath in The Process. She claims that He Eventually Said, “we’re Going to Take You Down to Scotland Yard.”

“by that Time, I Was Crying. how Old Are You, He Asked? 15? Simply a Postal Warning Will Be Sent to You. According to Dua, They Never Phoned Her Mother and She Never Received the Warning. Phew!

9. There Is Musical Prowess in The Family

She Grew up Listening to The Music of Her Own Father, Duakgjin Lipa, Who Was a Member of An Albanian Rock Band. She Has Cited Him as One of Her Key Influences.

unknown facts about dua lipa

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10. Not Everyone Has Always Valued Her Voice

When Dua Was Eleven Years Old, Her Instructor Denied Her Request to Join the School Choir Because She Couldn’t Sing. It’s Safe to Assume Dua Prevailed in That Contest Because She Is Now a Multi-Platinum Vocalist.

11. Chris Martin Wrote on Her Album

Dua and The Coldplay Vocalist Collaborated on A Tune in Miami Last Year. It Ultimately Became the Last Song, Homesick, on Her Self-Titled Album, and Chris Contributes Uncredited Guest Vocals.

“It Was Originally Just Going to Be Me Singing, but I pleaded with Him to Join Me. You Must Be on This Song, I Thought. and He Concurred. the Album’s Most Lovely Song, in My Opinion.

I Believe It Causes Everyone to Cry a Little Bit “she Spoke to Name. He Is Listed as A Co-Writer as Well.

unknown facts about dua lipa

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12. She Left Her Home at Age 15

Dua Returned from Kosovo to London in Order to Pursue a Career in Music. She Lived in An Apartment with Some Friends. “the Housekeeping and Cooking Were Challenging. It Was Difficult to Realise that No One Would Clean up after me.

Last year, Dua spoke with NME. “Such things definitely forced me to mature earlier than I should have.” When my mother visited once, she looked inside my closet and asked, “What are all these clothes?” “Those are all the dirty clothes I’ve never washed,” I exclaimed.

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