Rebecca Romijn Weight Gain? Know Story Behind Weight Transformation In 2022!

Former Miss America Rebecca Romijn is an American actress, model, and fashion designer. She was raised in the neighboring town of Alameda after being born in Berkeley, California. Romijn began her modeling career before becoming well-known for playing Mystique in the X-Men movie series.

Story of Weight Gain and Loss

Gaining your figure after giving birth is difficult enough, but if you had twins, it’s considerably harder. Rebecca Romijn had to deal with this difficulty following the birth of her daughters Dolly and Charlie in December 2008.

Romijn, a supermodel for more than 20 years, had never even tried to diet before adding 60 pounds during her pregnancy forced the 39-year-old to reevaluate her whole exercise regimen and learn how to eat healthily.

In the March edition of Fitness, Romijn says, “Losing that weight was perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” “Everything I did before becoming pregnant, including my roughly 14-year-long Pilates practice, stopped working. I had to alter everything, including the way I exercised and ate.

Romijn found that eliminating starch, dairy, red meat, alcohol, and sugar, as well as practicing Bikram yoga three times a week—which requires working up a sweat in a 105°F studio while holding a range of 26 poses—worked.

rebecca romijn weight gain

She quips that the notion, which was put to her by a friend, “sounded like torture.” But it was the perspiration to which I developed an addiction. My physique underwent a swift and significant transformation. I feel better and am stronger and more energetic. I was happy to put on a bikini once more!

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Romijn, who played Mystique in the 2000 film “X-Men,” wore only blue body paint, so don’t anticipate seeing her flashing her post-baby figure anytime soon. Despite many requests from Playboy to grace its cover, the mother refuses because she believes it would be detrimental to her daughters.

“I don’t want to criticize the publication or the stunning women who are featured in it; some of them are my friends, but I would never do it. And now that I am a mother of two girls, I would never choose that path.

Jerry O’Connell, though he prefers her with a little more meat on her bones, has instead benefited from all of his wife’s labor. Romijn said that she enjoys having wine and dessert at every meal with Jerry. “Before we had children, I put on weight by eating that way. But my clothes still fit, and I was content and in love. Jerry thought I looked good. He definitely has the “there’s more to hold on to” mentality.

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The actor occasionally even gets sweaty with his wife, albeit this has led to a friendly rivalry between the two. “We enjoy going on lengthy bike rides. We ride our tandem cycle up the hills close to our house. When Jerry excels at something, which is pretty much always, he becomes incredibly arrogant. He has been doing Bikram yoga for almost a year, although he isn’t particularly flexible. I’m glad there’s one thing in which I excel above him.

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