The Best Way to Find Your Wi Fi Password on A Windows 10 Computer..!

When all personal and professional responsibilities are completed online, having an internet connection is essential. You can access the Internet by purchasing a data pack for your phone’s SIM card or by establishing a WiFi connection.

Additionally, WiFi is virtually always available in public places including restaurants, train stations, workplaces, and private residences. The WiFi password, on the other hand, is what you must know.

Keep the WiFi passwords saved on your laptop or desktop to make your work easier. But what if you misplace the password, just formatted your device, or changed your WiFi password without saving it anywhere?

We will explain how to find the password if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues and are unable to connect to the WiFi network with any other device that has not saved the password.

There is a solution available for users of Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7. If another Windows computer or laptop is already logged into your WiFi network, you can look it up if you can’t remember your WiFi network password.

On a Windows 10 Pc, How To Locate the Wi-Fi Passwords You’ve Saved

1. on A Pc that Frequently Connects to The Wi-Fi Network Whose Password You’re Looking For, Click the Start Button in The Bottom Left Corner of Your Screen.

2. Select “settings” by Clicking the Tiny Gear Icon.

3. Select “Network & Internet” Under “Windows Settings” from The Drop-Down Menu.

4. Click the “status” Option Under the “Network & Internet” Menu on The Left Side of Your Screen.

how to check wifi password on windows 10

5. Click the “Network & Sharing Center” Option when You Find It by Scrolling Down. It Will Open a Fresh Pop-Up Window.

6. Select the Wi-Fi Network for Which You’re Looking for The Password in The “network & Sharing Center.” 6. the “connections” Menu Will Be Next to This.

7. Click “wireless Properties” Next to “Wi-Fi Status.”

8. Choose the “Security” Tab from The “wireless Properties” Menu.

9. Select “show Characters” by Clicking in The Tiniest Box. Your Chosen Wi-Fi Network’s Password Will Then Be Visible.

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On Windows 10, Use the Control Panel to Find the Wi-Fi Password.

  • On a Laptop or Desktop Running Windows 10: To View the Current Wi-Fi Password.
  • On Windows 10, Access Control Panel.
  • Then Select Network and Internet.
  • Press the Network and Sharing Center Button.

how to check wifi password on windows 10

  • Select Change Adapter Settings in The Left Pane by Clicking It.
  • The Wireless Adapter Should Be Clicked Twice.
  • The Wireless Properties Button Should Be Clicked.
  • Select “security” from The Tabs.
  • Windows 10 Users Can Read Their Wi-Fi Password by Selecting the Show Characters Option in The “network Security Key” Field.

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Finding Your Wi-Fi Password on A Windows 10 Computer

Open the Windows Search Bar and Type Wi-Fi Settings to Locate Your Wi-Fi Password on A Windows 10 Computer. Then Choose Your Wi-Fi Network Name in Network and Sharing Center > Wireless Properties > Security > Show Characters.

1. in The Bottom-Left Corner of Your Screen, Click the Magnifying Glass Symbol. if You Can’t See This Button, You Can Alternatively Use Your Keyboard’s Windows Key or The Button with The Windows Logo in The Bottom-Left Corner of Your Screen.

2. After That, Enter Wi-Fi Settings in The Search Box and Select Open. on Your Keyboard, You Can Also Press Enter.

how to check wifi password on windows 10

3. Select Network and Sharing Center by Descending the Page. on The Right Side of The Window, This Is Located Under Related Settings.

4. Pick a Name for Your Wi-Fi Network. on The Right Side of The Window, This Is Located Next to Connections.

5. Then Choose Wireless Properties

6. Click the Security Tab in Nest. at The Top of The Window, This Is Located Next to The Connection Tab.

7. in order to Retrieve Your Wi-Fi Password, Finally Click the Show Characters Box. when Your Windows 10 Wi-Fi Network Password Is Displayed, the Dots in The Network Security Key Box Will Change.

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