How to Capture a Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 10

Windows provides a variety of screenshot-taking options. All you have to do to take a screenshot is hit WIN + PRTSC or Fn + PRTSC, and you’ll have one right away. Even better, you can grab a portion of a window or pop-up menu using the built-in Snip & Sketch tool.

All of those techniques, however, are limited to capturing content that fits within the browser’s viewing area. What if you wish to take a snapshot of a webpage, document, or another piece of content that is scrolling and outside the viewing area? Your only choice in such circumstances would be to utilize a third-party program.

You’ll discover the ideal Windows tools in this article for taking scrolling screenshots.

1. Screenshot of A Scrolling Page in Edge

Microsoft Edge, the Default Browser for Windows, Has a Lot Going for It, Including an Inbuilt Function that Allows You to Screenshot a Whole Web Page, Which Occasionally Necessitates a Scrolling Screenshot.

to This, Select “web Capture” and Then “capture Whole Page” from The Three-Dot Menu that Appears in Edge’s Upper Right Corner. if You Click the Three Dots in The Upper Right Corner of The Image, You Can Draw on It, Edit It, Save It, Copy It, or Immediately Share It.

how to capture a scrolling screenshot in windows

2. Screenshot of A Scrolling Firefox Page

Since the release of Firefox Quantum, the Browser Has had an Inbuilt Mechanism for Taking a Scrolling Screenshot, Making It the Only One with This Capability that Doesn’t Require Plugins. Firefox, Go!

To Do This, Select “more Tools -> Customize Toolbar” from The Three-Lined Menu Icon in The Top Right Corner. Then, Drag the “screenshot” Icon to Your Firefox Toolbar After Searching the List of Icons for It.

Next, Navigate to The Website You Want to Screenshot, Select “save Whole Page” from The Toolbar’s New Screenshot Icon. You Can Then Save the Entire Page to Your Computer After It Pops up In Full.

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3. Go Full Page (Chrome & Microsoft Edge)

You Can Obtain an Extension that Will Help You if You Want to Take Screenshots of Scrolling Content in Chrome or Edge (which Allows You to Install the Same Chromium Extensions as Chrome). It’s a Terrific Technique to Quickly Take a Scrolling Screenshot of A Full Webpage.

Simply Click the Go Full Page Button in The Top-Right Corner of Your Browser After Installing the Extension. (if It Isn’t There Straight Away, Select Go Full Page from The Extensions List by Clicking the Puzzle-Piece Icon. to Make It Stay Put in Your Browser Bar, Click the Pin Symbol Next to It.)

The Entire Web Page You Are on Will Be Scanned After You Click Go Full Page. That’s Quite a Long Time in The Case of Make Tech Easier, as You Can See in The Screenshot at The Beginning of This Piece. the Screenshot Can Then Be Modified, Annotated, and Downloaded as A Pdf or Png File.

how to capture a scrolling screenshot in windows

4. Share X

The Free Screen Capture Programme Share X Is Confirmed by Its Widespread Acceptance in The Discerning Game-Streaming Community. It Is Available for Purchase on Its Own Website, the Steam Gaming Platform (where It Has “overwhelmingly Positive” Reviews), as well as Its Own Active Discord Channel.

Due to The Open-Source Application’s Extensive Screen-Capture Options, Many Gamers Use It. the “scrolling Screenshot” Option You’re Looking for Is One of Those Capabilities, Along with Video Capture, Gi Fs, Region-Select, Workflows, and A Tonne of Other Filters and Effects to Add to Your Captures.

Simply Launch Share X, Select “scrolling Capture” from The Capture Menu. You Can Pick the Window You Want to Scroll, if There Should Be a Delay Before the Screen Capture Begins, and How Many Scrolls You Want to Capture After Choosing Your Location.

It’s Lovely and Simple to Use, and Unlike the Other Solutions on Our List, It’s Completely Free and Is Supported in Its Current State by A Dedicated Group of Open-Source Developers. Given Its Modest File Size, It Performs More than Just Scrolling and Also Serves as A Complete Screen Capture Suite.

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5. Pic Pick

The Powerful Screen-Capture and Image-Editing Programme Pic Pick Was Created and Is Owned by Edwin. I Frequently Use It Because It Is My Personal Favourite Screen Capture Programme. the Nicest Thing About Pic Pick Is that It Is Free for Personal Use and Comes with Several Awesome Capabilities that Aren’t Even Available in Apps that Cost Money.

Seven Different Screen Capture Options Are Available in Pic Pick, Including Full Screen, Active Window, Window Control, Scrolling Window, Region, Fixed Region, and Freehand.

You Can Personalise Your Screenshots by Choosing the Setting that Best Suits the Situation. the Region Mode, for Instance, Can Assist You in Isolating and Capturing a Dialogue Box Free of Surrounding Noise.

You Can Choose the Desired Screenshot Length and Width in Terms of Pixels Using Fixed Region Mode, Which Helps to Ensure that All of Your Screenshots Are the Same Size. Additionally, It Offers a Scrolling Window Mode that Enables You to Quickly Take a Snapshot of A Webpage or Document While It Scrolls.

how to capture a scrolling screenshot in windows

To Capture a Scrolling Window, Follow the Steps Below:

1. to Start, Hold Down Ctrl and Alt While Pressing Prtsc. There Will Be a Red-Highlighted Rectangle Box.

2. to Choose an Area, Press and Hold the Left Mouse Button While Dragging the Mouse Across the Scrolling Pane.

3. when The Mouse Button Is Released, a Slow Auto-Scroll Will Begin. Your Entire Window Will Then Be Photographed in A Matter of Seconds.

Along with A Virtual Whiteboard that Lets Users Draw on The Screen and Crosshairs for Locating Specific Pixels, Pic Pick Also Includes a Pixel Ruler that Can Be Used to Gauge the Size of Images that Are Displayed on Your Screen.

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