Cristiano Ronaldo’s Five Most Incredible Records of All Time

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers to grace the field of play. He has been one of the most influential players, following his incredible off- and on-field achievements. Since he got into top-flight football, Ronaldo has been sensational. From his days as a youngster in Sporting to winning multiple Balon d’Or awards with Real Madrid, he has been a massive influence.


Ronaldo became a world sensation when he moved to Manchester United in the EPL. He showed that he could be a world beat, and every Premier League predictions on the Portuguese were correct as he went on to conquer world football. He is an international delight with many accolades. 


Ronaldo has had an illustrious career; throughout his career, he has broken many records and created a few new ones. These records look like they wouldn’t be broken by anyone anytime soon. So, we’ve put together some of the most incredible records set by Cristiano Ronaldo. Let’s get into it without wasting time. 


He sealed his name in the sands of time when he helped Portugal win the Euros in 2016, ending his international trophy drought. It is an incredible career run that has made him one of the best players. He also remains one of the top Premier League picks to win different accolades before he retires. 

Highest International Goalscorer of All-Time


One thing Ronaldo has always been known for is scoring goals. He is one of the best players when it comes to poaching goals. So, we expect to be part of the Portuguese collection to have a record that has something to do with goals. He has the most international goals in the world after breaking Ali Daei’s record in the last World Cup qualifiers. 


As it stands, Ronaldo has more than 100 goals in more than 180 appearances. Since he still actively plays and we believe he would be part of the Portuguese World Cup squad, his international goals tally tends to increase. We might see him score more goals for the Portuguese national team before he retires. 

Most Champions League Goals in a Single Season


Another goal-scoring record for Cristiano Ronaldo is his most Champions League goals in a single season. His contribution to Los Blancos, especially in the UEFA Champions League competition, has always been top-notch. He scored many UCL goals, and in one season, he got 17 goals. 


Even though his Premier League predictions today are top-notch, they are nothing compared to what he brings to the table in the UEFA Champions League. Ronaldo remains a top player in the league and will continue to be a top player. His 17 goals in the 2013/14 season are the highest in a single UCL season. 

Most Consecutive Champions League Games Scored


Ronaldo was dubbed Mr. Champions League after he made the Guinness World Record book after he went on an 11-game goalscoring run between the 2016/17 and the 2017/18 seasons. He was on a goalscoring spree as every opponent he faced got their share of the Mr. Champions League scoring boots.


As a result, he remains the only player with this record. Although he hasn’t been able to reach that height again, the player has had an impressive enough record that would take time for any player to break. So, this is a top-notch record that any player would be lucky to have, and it is one of the many records set by Ronaldo. 

Oldest Player to Score a World Cup Hat-Trick


The FIFA World Cup hasn’t been as good for Ronaldo as the UEFA Champions League. He has struggled to make any tangible impact on the competition since playing his first World Cup in 2006. He got his first goal in that competition and has gone on to score in the last three consecutive World Cup competitions. 


But in 2018, he broke another record to become the oldest player to score a World Cup hat trick. He was 33 years and 130 days old when he got three goals against Spain in a thrilling six-goal match that saw both sides share the spoil. Although Portugal’s campaign ended when they faced Uruguay in the round of 16, Ronaldo’s record remains intact. 

Most Successful Penalty Taker in La Liga 


Undoubtedly, to the fans watching the game, taking a penalty might look easy since it’s about shooting the ball into the massive net with only a goalkeeper to protect the post. But anyone that has had to play a penalty can testify that it is a complex activity. So, Ronaldo’s 61-penalty goals record in La Liga is incredible.

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