40 Facts About Tracy Morgan You Didn’t Know..!

Although we always found Tracy Morgan to be humorous on Saturday Night Live, it seems as though he has really matured in recent years. He plays Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock, a very loose caricature of himself, and it’s one of the funniest portions of what we think is the funniest comedy on television.

He is able to retain the same outrageous charm that makes us adore him in interviews and public appearances, unlike some comedians who seem to have no personality when they are not playing a part.

Since Tracy Turned 40 Today, We Decided to Honor His Career by Sharing 40 Facts with You that You May Not Have Known. Enjoy!

1. Tracy was raised in Bed-Stuy and the Bronx despite being born in Queens.

2. Jimmy Morgan, Sr., Tracy’s father, was a musician who abandoned the family when Tracy was just six years old. Because of his heroin usage, he passed away in 1987 from AIDS.

3. Brooklyn was Tracy’s middle school of choice. He commuted from his father’s home in the Bronx by taking the train at seven in the morning. He’s admitted that “it was challenging.” I compared myself to a young Harriet Tubman.

4. Despite attending De Witt Clinton High School in the Bronx, Tracy never received a diploma. “Man, I’m pleased that I left high school. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be where I am. I had a net with me. I’m glad I had nothing to fall back on, guy because that motivated me to work even harder to achieve my goals,” he has remarked.

5. Tracy worked as a painter at L&L Painting and Rose Company before starting his career in stand-up.

unknown facts about tracy morgan

6. Tracy claims that when she heard she wanted to be a comic, her mother advised her to “go down to UPS because they’re hiring.”

7. He lists Andrew Dice Clay, Eddie Murphy, and Redd Foxx as some of his earliest comic influences. “I adore using the word mother-fucker’ unabashedly. When you use the word “motherfucker,” you make your point. It’s straightforward; all you need is an exclamation point,” he has said.

8. Martin Lawrence’s ex-wife caught Tracy performing stand-up at the Apollo Theater in 1984.

9. He made his TV debut on Martin as the Hustle Man, a recurrent role. His signature phrase? What’s going on, chief?

10. Prior to turning 22, he married Sabina, his high school sweetheart, and they had three children: Malcolm, Tracy Jr., and Grid. In 2009, Tracy and Sabina filed for divorce after eight years of separation. They still get along.

11. Tracy became a member of the Saturday Night Live cast in 1996 and performed there for seven seasons. Astronaut Jones, a character he developed, was his favorite.

12. In 2003, NBC broadcast The Tracy Morgan Show, a family-friendly sitcom. After one season, it was discontinued (it was up against American Idol).

13. Tracy has always been a fan of the Knicks and thinks they could have saved Michael Jackson.

“I’m going to stick with the Knicks forever. I’ll continue to support the Knicks in good, terrible, and ugly. Two Knicks games would have cleared up everything, Michael Jackson reportedly said, “I wish I could have gotten to him.

14. He spent $14,000 at an auction to purchase one of Michael Jackson’s gloves.

15. According to some, Martin Lawrence served as the inspiration for Tracy Jordan’s role in 30 Rock. Tracy disputes this, stating: “Martin didn’t have a meltdown monopoly! Seven times, and twice without any drawers on, my uncle Frank sprinted down the street. Robert Downey Jr., Margot Kidder, or anyone else may be the subject.

16. Tracy received a $9000 episode salary when he first started working at SNL.

17. According to Maxim, Tracy has a lot of tattoos. They included the words “ME, MYSELF, & I,” a peace symbol, a joyful and sad face, the names of his wife and three sons on a cross, and the name of a guy he played football with in high school who was killed, the words “Stove Top,” and more.

18. According to People, he owns numerous pets, including two snakes, three sharks, two moray eels, two piranhas, one jellyfish, five scorpions, a bird spider, and two canines.

In February 2009, a malfunctioning lamp on his shark tank caught fire, although none of the fish were hurt.

19. Tracy has only received one Emmy nomination, for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on 30 Rock in 2009. He claims he won’t mind if he never receives another nomination.

20. He received a diabetes diagnosis back in 1996. Twelve years later, on the set of 30 Rock, he got a temperature of 104, and that’s when he began to take the illness seriously.

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21. Tracy invented the stand-up persona Biscuit as a young child, a young boy who had also been abandoned by his father.

22. In March 2009, Tracy came back to host Saturday Night Live. He had previously stated that it was one of his ambitions and would be “a dream come true” in an interview.

23. His Brian Fellows character was inspired by a classmate who went to school with my wife, according to number 23. She once told me about him, so I just started acting like him around the workplace.

After a while, some of the authors caught on, and he started to happen. The public adores Brian Fellows.

24. Tracy has acknowledged selling crack. “I still find it bothersome today, but I did it. It was about surviving, he claims.

25. Tracy claims that his decision to pursue a career in comedy was influenced by the murder of his best friend: “He would say to me, Yo, Tracy, man, you should be doing comedy.

” He was killed a week later. And that was like my Vietnam to me. As I began to experience success, I struggled with my guilt of survival. Why I was successful but some guys weren’t.

26. Which joke did Tracy tell first? ‘Your mother’s breath smells like cheese doodles: light on the cheese, thick on the doodle,’ I believe I added. At the time, he was only four years old.

27. Tracy’s older brother has cerebral palsy, therefore he claims that when bullies tried to pick on him as a child, he learned to be humorous rather than fight back.

28. Tracy Morgan asserts that, unlike Tracy Jordan, he is not “mentally ill.” “I’m not, no. I play that particular role. Dealing with someone who cannot distinguish between fact and fantasy can be frightening. People watch TV, but that is just that—television, not reality. It’s ominous. I am married and have children. He has stated, “I have a life.

29. Tracy declared Oprah to be his Valentine on Letterman last year, adding, “Every time I turn around she’s on the phone with Gayle! Gayle put down the phone! Gayle is everything. How about me?

unknown facts about tracy morgan

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30. When appearing on SNL, Tracy said that Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, and Will Ferrell were his closest buddies. “The entire crew was insane. We frequented after-after-after parties and had this tiny club called the Bro Bro Club.

31. Tracy responds that he would like to produce and direct his own film when asked what he’d like to do that he hasn’t already.

32. Tracy mentioned his desire to collaborate with Eddie Murphy and Zach Galifianakis at a recent TimesTalk event.

33. Tracy appears as a hospital security guard in the posthumous music video for “Notorious B.I.G.” by Biggie Smalls.

34. He was well-liked in high school and was regarded as the class clown. “When I was in the ninth grade, students would skip class to watch me and my homeboys fool about.

Additionally, I was always the hilarious guy. Not just mommy jokes, either. I used to perform jokes. There is also my face. I have additional skin because of God. My face is my instrument. So even when I’m silent, I can still elicit laughter by throwing a look.

35. At the Uptown Comedy Club, which was operated by Kevin “Dot Com” Brown, who played Dot Com on 30 Rock, Tracy’s career as a stand-up comedian got its start. Before he could take the stage, he had to pay $20.

36. He “scared the shit out of” Lorne Michaels, according to Tracy. “ This is where the cartoon “Get Me a Soda, Bitch!” was inspired. One night, Lorne Michaels and I were the only people in the elevator. I was just staring at him and grinning because I could see he was anxious.

I am aware of some white people’s traits. You conduct a head count when the elevator door is open and you can see every black person inside. I’ll just take the next elevator, you say.

unknown facts about tracy morgan

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37. Among Tracy’s fleet of vehicles are an Escalade EXT, an Infiniti, a green Jaguar S-Type, and a red Jaguar S-Type.

38. He calls the SNL audition procedure “the scariest thing in the world,” according to number 38. It’s like having a job interview with Darth Vader.

39. Tracy broke down in tears at the White House when he met President Obama and the First Lady.

40. He released a memoir last year called I Am The New Black, but he claims he won’t ever write another. I won’t be writing any more books.

I won’t be writing any more books because I’ve watched people struggle with them. Exactly like Jack Nicholson, I feel. You are unable to handle the truth! Most individuals enjoy lying to them! They want it sweetened up!

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