3 Menswear Essentials for the Modern Dandy

Are you struggling to find a sense of personal style that can transport you from looking like an Average Joe to a walking billboard? Luckily, we came up with key principles for the modern dandy who leaves the right impression wherever he goes.

By incorporating our tips, you can discover the right fashion inspiration and define your unique personal style. So, let’s dive into it.

Start With Decluttering

Before you jump headfirst into the world of fashion, we recommend you remove all your clothes from your closet and observe them. Be brutal here and organize them in different piles, from your most worn t-shirts to sentimental items to clothes that need mending. We are sure you will also find a few things you haven’t even worn in years.

Then ask yourself whether you need each pile. If your answer isn’t a resounding yes, they shouldn’t be in your life. Your clothes should be a way for you to express yourself and make you feel your best. If any item isn’t doing either one, chuck it out.

Doing this step at the start allows you to begin the process with a clean slate. Modern fashion is all about balance, and you can’t achieve that while still holding on to clothes that are decades old.

Update Your Basics

What does it mean to be stylish? Is it incorporating every popular trend into your closet as soon as you see it? No, it isn’t – in fact, it is the exact opposite. The key here is to ensure every piece of clothing you wear fits you well and is in excellent condition.

While your 10-year-old t-shirts might have sufficed until now, they won’t get you looking as sharp as you want. So, head over to Fresh Clean Threads and grab the essentials you need to build a versatile and practical closet.

Focus on grabbing neutrals like black, grey, and white that can be universally paired with other colors. We recommend that you also add t-shirts in varying silhouettes based on your frame. For example, a v-neck helps elongate your physique while a scoop neck adds more structure.

Find Your Personal Style

If you want to be called a dandy by people other than yourself, you must look the part, and finding your unique style is paramount. It doesn’t have to be any style in particular – you can opt for preppy, athletic, classic, beachy, or biker! The options are endless, but we recommend you pick one and focus on it.

Having your own style and mastering it is crucial to looking put together at all times. This also makes shopping more straightforward since you focus on a particular type and ignore all the unnecessary items.

One thing we should warn you about is adding trendy items. While there isn’t anything wrong with them, most trends tend to age awfully, no matter how well you think you can execute them.

So, we suggest you only add a few trendy pieces here and there and mainly concentrate on building your closet based on your personal style rather than what you see in magazines.

Invest in Premium Accessories

Many men think that their velcro wallet from high school works just fine even when they are adults, and we are here to tell you once and for all it doesn’t.

High-quality accessories are essential for anyone who wants to look stylish. You can easily spend thousands on watches, wallets, and whatnot, but it isn’t necessary. Instead, you can have a simple budget and invest in key pieces that are versatile and practical.

A black and brown belt should be high on your list of accessories to bring to your closet. Using a belt finishes an outfit and brings the right amount of detail to even the most basic looks.

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