How to Move a Watch from An Old iPhone to A New One..!

If you’ve recently updated your iPhone, you may be unsure of what to do with your Apple Watch. Here’s how to transfer your existing wearable device to your new iPhone.

Alternatively, you may wish to learn how to pair a new watch with your existing iPhone. Here is how to configure that. With the upcoming release of the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8, you’ll likely be doing one or the other soon.

In watchOS 9, there is no simple way to manually back up your Apple Watch 7 or other Apple Watch to iCloud, unlike the best iPhones. This is because Apple Watch backups are not actual backups. Your watch borrows the majority of its data from its paired iPhone, and as a result, all of its data is saved to the iCloud or iTunes backup of your iPhone.

When connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, your watch will regularly sync Health and app data to your iPhone (and, via your iPhone, iCloud). Unless you manually unpair your Apple Watch, which will then automatically sync its most recent data with your iPhone, you cannot choose when this synchronization occurs; it occurs in the background.

There are two ways to prepare for pairing an existing Apple Watch with a new iPhone.

Icloud and Automatic Configuration

Apple Allows You to Transfer Your iPhone Backup and Apple Watch to A New iPhone Using Automatic Setup without Performing the Unpairing-Repairing Dance. but To Ensure that Your Apple Watch and iPhone Are Transferred Accurately, Do the Following:

how to pair apple watch to new phone

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Ensure that Your Watch Is Current by Enabling I Cloud Health Sync.

Create a Backup of Your Current iPhone Prior to Transferring to A New iPhone

  • Unpair/repair
  • If You Are Not Restoring Your New iPhone from The Backup of Your Old iPhone Forcing a Backup Is the Best Way to Transfer Your Watch. Follow the Instructions in Our Backup Article to Unpair Your Watch from Your Existing iPhone; Don’t Forget to Enable Health Data Syncing in I Cloud Beforehand.
  • Pairing Apple Watch with A New Phone
  • Now, Let’s Pair Your New iPhone with Your Apple Watch. Simply Launch the Watch App and Follow the On-Screen Instructions to Personalise Notifications, Settings, and Features Such as Workout Tracking. Here Are the Steps for Pairing the Apple Watch:

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Disconnect Your Apple Watch from Your Previous Phone.

  • Launch the Watch Application on Your iPhone.
  • Tap Start Pairing.
  • Tap Set up For Me.
  • As Instructed, Hold Your Apple Watch up To the Camera. if After a Few Seconds Nothing Happens, Select Pair Apple Watch Manually and Follow the On-Screen Instructions.
  • Assuming You Correctly Backed up Your iPhone to I Cloud, You Will See the Option to Restore from Backup; Select It. if You Select Set up As New Apple Watch, Your Previously Used Settings Will Be Discarded, and You Will Begin Setup from Scratch. if You Do Not See the Option to Restore from Backup, There May Be a Problem with Your iPhone Backup.

how to pair apple watch to new phone

  • Tap the Appropriate Backup to Select It. Refer to The Apple Watch Model and The Time of The Most Recent Backup if You Are Uncertain Which Option to Choose.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Tap Accept After a Few Moments to Accept the Terms and Conditions. if You Select Disagree, You Will Be Unable to Continue with The Pairing.
  • You Will Then Be Prompted to Create a Passcode. Although You Can Bypass This Step by Selecting Don’t Add Passcode, I Strongly Advise You to Create One. to Create a Four-Digit Passcode, Tap Create a Passcode. Tap Add a Long Passcode for A Longer Passcode. a Longer Passcode Can Be More Secure, but I Prefer to Use a Standard Four-Digit One (but Harder to Remember.)
  • Create a Passcode on Your Apple Watch by Tapping the Digits.
  • You Will Be Required to Enter the Code Again to Confirm It.
  • Next, You Will Be Guided Through Some Basic Setup Steps; to Skip These, for Now, Tap Set up Later in The Apple Watch App. I’ll Opt to Skip These for The Purposes of This Tutorial; However, I Prefer to Complete the Setup Properly Because I Tend to Be Lazy About Setting It up Later, and I Prefer the Straightforward Steps During the Initial Setup. Keep Tapping Continue until All Setup Steps Are Complete.

how to pair apple watch to new phone

If Your Apple Watch Will Not Pair with Your New Phone, Refer to These Troubleshooting steps. If you are interested in learning more about iPhone settings, iCloud backups, Apple Watch usage, and other topics, you will appreciate our Tip of the Day Newsletter.

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