How Old Is Eric Idle? Age, Wife, Career, Networth & More Updates In 2022!

An English comedian, actor, novelist, and musician by the name of Eric Idle.

Idle is a former member of the English absurdist satirical troupe Monty Python, a member of the farcical musical group The Rutles, and the author of the Broadway musical Spamalot’s music and lyrics.

Biography of Eric Idle

On March 29, 1943, in the United Kingdom, comedian Eric Idle was born. author of the popular Broadway musical Spamalot and a founding member of the groundbreaking Monty Python comedy group.

When NBC aired All You Need Is Cash, a mockumentary film he authored and appeared in that was a parody of The Beatles movies, he first became well-known to American audiences. Astrologers have determined that Eric Idle is an Aries.

With his wife Lyn Ashley, whom he wed in 1969 and divorced in 1975, he had a son named Carey in 1973. His 1981 marriage to Tania, his second wife, produced Lily, their additional kid.

Youth and Childhood

how old is eric idleSouth Shields is where Eric Idle was born. He was brought up in the household of Ernest, a soldier, and Norah, his wife. Years before Eric was born, the woman moved to Eric’s country of origin. His father passed away in a car accident when Eric Idle was just 2 years old.

His mother was forced to work in order to support herself and raise the son by herself. Working and spending time with Eric was difficult to juggle for her. He eventually received a boarding school placement. Surprisingly, this school was created for kids from dysfunctional families.

Idle later acknowledged that living there had been a tremendous struggle for him, with incidents of bullying, abuse, and humiliation occasionally occurring.

Idle admitted that his pastimes—listening to a specific radio station and watching a local football team play—helped the impoverished man escape from reality.

Eric Idle Age

In South Shields, England, Idle was born on March 29, 1943. He has 76 years of age. Every year on March 29, he has a birthday celebration.

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Height of Eric Idle

The statue of Eric Idle is well-known. He is six feet tall (1.85 m)

Eric Idle Spouse

how old is eric idleIdle has two previous marriages. He has one son, Carey, from his 1969 marriage to actress Lyn Ashley, with whom he later divorced in 1975. Later, he wed Tania Kosevich, a former model. They live in Studio City, Los Angeles, with their daughter Lily.

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how old is eric idle

Eric Idle has a degree in English Studies, to talk about his education.

As a student, the future star secured his very first acting gig in the children’s TV show Do Not Adjust Your Set. Additionally, he received a request to take part in the TV production At Last the 1948 Show.

Idle and his colleagues started making individual projects after finishing their work on Python. Idle, therefore, began to appear on BBC Radio One in 1970. He stayed for three seasons before leaving in 1974.

With Neil Innes as his coworker, the famous person helped Rutland Weekend Television get off the ground shortly after. While employed there, the two formed the Rutles, a musical group that included David Bowie and was a spoof of the Beatles. The band was invited to appear on other shows, including Saturday Night Live, as a result of their immense success.

The film All You Need Is Cash, which was scripted by Eric Idle, was screened in 1978. He took on the role of Dirk McQuickly. Additionally, he introduced the program “The Entire Universe.”

Wreck-Gar, a character in The Transformers: The Movie, was given the celebrity’s voice in 1986. He played the lead role in The Mikado the following year. He had an appearance in the television programs Nuns on the Run and Nearly Departed in 1989.

Idle was one of the Casper The Wind in the Willows actors in 1995 and 1996 when fans could see him. The famous person continued to pursue a profession in directing. Idle’s images at the time, meanwhile, did not succeed in becoming well-known or winning praise.

In the movie titled Burn Hollywood Burn, Eric Idle played a significant role in 1998. Speaking about recent roles as the star player, he provided voices for The Simpsons and Shrek the Third characters. Additionally, he provided the narration for the audio edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Along with John Cleese, the celebrity started a tour in 2003. They performed Monty Python-inspired sketches when they were on the road in North America and Canada. He released a song two years later that detailed his touring adventures.

The plays What About Dick? and Spamalot by Eric Idle were published in the 2000s.The famous person performed at the Olympic Stadium in 2012 while the Summer Olympic Games were taking place.

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Earnings of Eric Idle

Idle has amassed a net worth of approximately $60 million as a result of his prosperous career as a comedian, actor, author, and musician.


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