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Writing is a serious business regardless of how people look at it. This is a skill that everyone needs to succeed in their careers irrespective of what they do and in their personal life. Although writing skills are important, you can have some fun along the way while you’re at it. Having fun while writing is important.

Like the saying that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, so is humor. So, whether you’re creating banter material or you’re offering professional writing services online, or you’re putting together a funny journal to reduce the stress of your readers, you will recognize that laughter is natural medicine. You will find out that funny writing prompts not only improves your way of writing but also helps you create a style of writing.

Funny Writing Prompts for Kids

Whether you’re putting together a funny writing prompt to celebrate a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas, or you’re creating something that will make middle school students laugh, using these funny writing prompts will serve as the perfect option for putting together the lines you’ll use for your next show.

  • Write a story about a nanny that falls asleep on duty.
  • Before she falls asleep, the nanny forgot to close the door which caused the baby to sneak out. Describe what you think would happen in that situation
  • Your teacher asks for your assignment, but your dog ate it and the teacher did not believe it. Conclude the story
  • When an alien landed on grass, it felt very ticklish. Complete the story
  • A mouse stole your money from where you kept it and ate them all. Describe your next line of action
  • A cat jumped over the moon and the dish ran away with the spoon. Form a story from this sentence
  • You and your family went to the airport, and they forgot you at the boarding area while they boarded the plane. Tell a story about the next occurrence.
  • A woman is captivated by acquiring new Instagram followers. Talk about her actions
  • Describe a story about a genius that fell over their intelligence.
  • Make a description of a world ruled by animals
  • Write a story about an Uber driver that doesn’t know how to drive properly
  • Write a 2-step instruction on how to use a microwave
  • Describe a story about a teacher that’s always sneezing
  • Write a story using words that rhyme with the track
  • Pretend that you’re living in the 70s era. How would you dress?
  • Imagine that you discovered a new planet, and 20yrs from now, people would begin to live there. What would you like the planet to be called? Write a story about the things you can imagine that would happen on that planet.
  • What would you choose? To spend the rest of your life in a museum, library, or zoo?
  • Imagine that you create your report card every term. In which subjects would you get an A?
  • Create a new game that only you and your friends can understand
  • Create a new rule for your school. What would that rule be?
  • Write and describe the most annoying commercial you have ever seen
  • Imagine that everybody’s life comes with a pause button. At which moment would you use that button very well?
  • Write a descriptive poem about yourself as an animal
  • Write a story about what would happen if you woke up one day and everyone started telling you the truth?
  • Write about a time when the wrong prayers were said by a priest
  • Write a story about when Romeo and Juliet realized their relationship was a mistake
  • Write a story about if you would trust a marriage counselor that has had three failed marriages
  • Write a story about a time when a woman dialed a wrong number and they told her she has become a millionaire.
  • Write a story about when scientists decided to bring back all the Mummies to life but did not realize that the Mummies are now out to haunt them.
  • Write a story about a man who won an award to be the best stand-up comedian now being hired by a rich man to teach him how to tell jokes.
  • Write a story about when an author wrote the wrong autobiography but is now stuck with a story that is so much more engaging to read by his readers.

Funny Writing Prompts for Adults

As an adult, there are also funny writing prompts available that can be used during family gatherings or as icebreakers. You can use this creative writing style to paint a visual for your audience. To lighten up the classroom and encourage students to express themselves, teachers can use funny writing prompts and funny pictures for writing prompts. If a student is starting a new grade or returning to school after a long break, this can be especially helpful. Some of these funny writing prompts include;

  • Think about the most embarrassing moment of your life and write the story in a very funny way.
  • Think about the last thing that made you laugh until you cried. Write about the moment in detail
  • Now imagine if your home was run by your pet animal. Write a story of how life would be if a cat, dog, hamster, fish, or raccoon ran through your home, and you had to answer them.
  • Write a descriptive story of your day if it went in reverse i.e., your day would start with you wearing your pajamas and getting ready for bed.
  • What was the most recent joke you heard? What made the joke very funny?
  • Put together a list of your favorite puns
  • Write a review about the funniest movie you’ve ever seen.
  • Think about your favorite childhood story. Now rewrite that story but make it quite humorous.
  • Now think about an important moment from history such as when your country became independent or when someone famous for a deed/action was recognized. Then write a story of what the scenario would be like if an important person from history showed up wearing only their briefs.
  • Now let’s look at this scenario: Would you prefer to wear a snowsuit to the beach or wear a bathing suit during a snowstorm? Write a story of how the situation would look from someone who makes such kind of mistake
  • Write a character description for an animal or funny person.
  • In your opinion, what word makes the funniest sound? When you have chosen a word, write a silly poem using that word and its rhymes.
  • Think of a time when your grandparents or parents were extra goofy. Then write an in-depth description of that time and describe how you feel about the memory.
  • At what age do you think a person becomes the funniest? Write a narrative about why you think humor peaks at that particular stage of life.
  • Imagine that you’re going to perform a stand-up comedy act for family and friends. Compose a draft of what your act would sound like.
  • Write a one-act play with at least three characters. Ensure that the play is written to make people laugh out loud
  • What is the thing that scares you the most? Then describe a situation when a character had to deal with that fear. Ensure the character reacts to the fear, so you can exaggerate their fear for it to become funny.

With these funny writing prompts, you can be able to make a story that will captivate the minds of people. We hope you enjoyed going over our funny writing prompts. If you did, kindly share it with your family and friends.

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