Taco Bell Hacks:12 Amazing Taco Bell Hacks in 2022!

There are a lot of ardent Taco Bell supporters. Because it mixes a loose interpretation of American Mexican food with the kind of form factors that could only be imagined by stoners, the food brand is exceptional in the fast food industry.

What if a tostada were wrapped in a huge tortilla? What if a Doritos-based taco shell existed? What if Mountain Dew came in different flavours?

Taco Bell’s ability to transform these absurd concepts into fast food that sober people genuinely want is evidence of the company’s brilliance. The dedication to vegetarian food is commendable. But even the most ardent Taco Bell supporters must admit that the company has been losing ground.

Mexican pizza, the Fritos-stuffed burritos, and even the seven-layer burrito have all been discontinued (sort of). Taco Bell doesn’t even exist anymore. Last year, we ranked the entire menu, but that list is now out of date.

Taco Bell has made something much less enjoyable by creating a menu that is more condensed and concentrated. God bless menu tricks. Given that every item on the Bell’s menu may be customised, there is still a lot of room to chop, screw, and remix it into a variety of tasty dishes.

But because many of the old-school menu workarounds are no longer feasible (bring back those Fritos! ), To improve Taco Bell’s menu, we had to use TikTok, ask our friends who are Taco Bell aficionados, and even come up with some of our own riffs.

Here are the top Taco Bell menu cheats right now, listed, along with full ordering instructions.

12. Double Decker Cheesy Tacos

taco bell hacks This assemble-it-yourself menu trick has felt a little out of date ever since Taco Bell discontinued the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, which includes a thick tortilla wrapped around a taco and covered with melted cheese. For this reason, it comes in last on our list.

The taco and the quesadilla are combined in this concept. It’s not a bad concept, but Taco Bell already has this covered with the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. This hack depends on Taco Bell’s Cheesy Roll-Up, which has a thinner tortilla, but it is preferable since the Gordita shell is thicker and more robust. Additionally, you have to put this together yourself, which is always a hassle.

What to Order:

two hard shell tacos and one Cheesy Roll-up. Open the cheese roll-up and encircle two salty tacos with it.

the conclusion

Order the Cheesy Gordita Crunch instead and skip it. Even though you can’t eat two hard-shell tacos at once, your taco is wrapped in a better-tasting, thicker tortilla.

11. California Sunset

I understand that this seems and sounds incredibly good, but trust me, it truly falls short. Taste-wise, the California Sunset is just fruit punch that has been slightly carbonated. It tastes too candied, adheres to your tongue and teeth, and gives you the impression that you ought to be drinking it through a bendy straw from a box.

What to Order:

Half of G2, a terrible low-sugar Gatorade, and a quarter each of Mountain Dew and Brisk Mango Iced Tea. Follow the advice of this TikTok user, and be sure you stir things up. It won’t help to improve the taste all that much, but at least it will taste the same.

the conclusion

It’s not worth the trouble, and if you’re not at a self-serve fountain, you’re only making the Taco Bell person who has to prepare it for you angry.

10. Cheesecake

taco bell hacks

I discovered this hack thanks to TikTok user JessicaLipStickScience, and before I discovered it, I was quite sure I was being played like a fool. While there are some similarities between sour cream and cream cheese, they are not the same. The flavour of sour cream is extremely… sour.

As a result, I winced as the sour cream on the side of the cinnamon roll finally touched my tongue. Unexpectedly, the sugary dust that is sprinkled on these twists softened the stronger sour flavours and gave the dish a slice of New York cheesecake flavour. Although it’s not a particularly good cheesecake, Jessica deserves credit for making one; it definitely tastes like cheesecake.

A nearly rotten cheesecake.

What to Order:

Cinnamon twists served with sour cream on the side. They didn’t even inquire before you placed your order.

the conclusion

Yes, it has a cheesecake flavour, but it isn’t that tasty. The act of dipping the cinnamon twist into the sour cream makes you feel humiliated to be alive, so don’t order it.

9. Grilled Any Burrito!

taco bell hacks

This kind of menu hack has gotten so popular that Taco Bell’s app now offers it as a customization choice. For years, Taco Bell devotees have known that you can order every burrito on the menu grilled, and you should on every occasion!

The Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito, which gives this soft burrito a good touch of crispy texture, is my favourite to have grilled.

What to Order:

Any burrito can be ordered; just ask for it to be grilled. You’re improving on a positive situation.

the conclusion

With this straightforward hack that operates on numerous menu items, you can’t go wrong.

8. 7-Layer and 10-Layer Burritos

taco bell hacks

Taco Bell has always been exceptionally accommodating to vegetarians; in addition to offering more vegetarian options than any other fast food restaurant business, you can nearly always tweak a dish to make it vegetarian-friendly. However, Taco Bell discontinued their popular 7-Layer Burrito for vegetarians last year for an unknown reason. Kind of.

You may still technically order the 7-Layer because it has beans, tomatoes, rice, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and lettuce, all of which Taco Bell still has on hand.

So why remove it from the menu? We are unable to comment, but as a burrito, it is adequate. The issue here is that Taco Bell’s beans, which provide the majority of the flavour in a 7-layer, aren’t really fantastic to begin with. Each bite becomes a textureless mushy mass because of the guacamole and sour cream.

Fortunately, we have a hack that will advance this.

What to Order:

Guacamole, lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, jalapenos, red strips, and potatoes are added to the bean, cheese, and rice burrito. Bam, is a 10-layer burrito that is still vegetarian but has a little crunch, a little spice, and a lot more heart.

the conclusion

Even though the 7-Layer Burrito is no longer offered, it still exists! A damn fantastic burrito that belongs on the menu year-round only needs three more layers of flavour and texture.

7. Chicken Quesadilla with Jalapenos and Nacho Cheese

taco bell hacks

This hack is one of the easier ones to put together; I found it on TikTok. The jalapenos add some sour heat to Taco Bell’s bland and rubbery grilled chicken, and nacho cheese is added in addition to the three cheese mixture to keep every bite ooey, molten hot, and extra salty.

It’s a little bit too salty, so I’d advise dipping each slice into some warm green sauce to balance it out.

What to Order:

Jalapenos, nacho cheese sauce, and chicken quesadilla.

the conclusion

However, you can instantly transform your chicken, beef, or cheese quesadilla into a more savoury quesadilla by adding jalapeno peppers. The nacho cheese makes this one a little too salty and one note to score highly. Order this with a side of green or red sauce and do that instead of getting nacho cheese.

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6. Calzone Mexicano

taco bell hacksFor some reason, Taco Bell discontinued its popular Mexican pizza a while back, leaving fans scurrying to find a substitute. It used to be customary to order two ground beef tostadas and crush them together. After Taco Bell discontinued tostadas, the Mexican Pizza was declared dead until Doja Cat brought it back to life.

However, because the tostada is still a part of the Crunch Wrap, you could hypothetically assemble a Mexican pizza inside of it, which is comparable to a calzone. Along with the savoury flavour of fiery red sauce, melted cheese, juicy tomato, and earthy refried beans, you get the meaty crunch of Mexican pizza.

What to Order:

Without sour cream, lettuce, or nacho cheese sauce, add beans, three kinds of cheese, and red sauce on a Crunchwrap Supreme.

the conclusion

It’s more like eating a huge nacho wrapped in a tortilla than it is a true calzone or Mexican pizza, but it’s as near as we can get and still tastes great.

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5. Cloudy Skies

Although I’m not a fan of soda fountain mixology, the Cloudy Skies, also known as Baja Haze, is another TikTok-sourced menu hack. It’s made of a combination of Tropicana pink lemonade and Mountain Dew Baja Blast. It is sweet like candy, tangy, slightly sour, and refreshing.

I must admit that I didn’t think I would enjoy this one, but I was pleasantly pleased.

What to Order:

Asking for “Cloudy Skies” will only irritate the person taking your order. Instead, gently request a beverage that is split 50/50 between pink lemonade and baja blast. If there is a self-serve fountain at your local Taco Bell, you should definitely mix this one yourself using a 1:1 ratio.

the conclusion

Think pink lemonade and Sprite or 7-Up combined, but with a sweet, key lime-forward flavour.

4  Nacho Fries (sort of)

taco bell hacks

One of my favourite southern California Mexican food classics, carne asada fries, is one of my favourite Taco Bell menu hacks. Sadly, Taco Bell keeps removing its scrumptious, crispy fries from the menu. Fortunately, there is a hack that makes use of Taco Bell’s Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, which are excellent as an appetiser or side dish.

This hack excels in texture thanks to the fried potatoes’ crispy and fluffy texture, the nacho cheese sauce’s gooey cheese bliss, the melting three-cheese mixture, and the sporadic juicy bursts of sweet tomato.

What to Order:

No sour cream, three-cheese mix, tomatoes, and your choice of meat with cheesy fiesta potatoes. Last time, I chose chicken, and it did not disappoint.

the conclusion

For any Taco Bell meal, this is a side dish that must be ordered. With a crispier, more palatable texture, it nearly reminds me of macaroni and cheese.

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3. California Burrito 

taco bell hacks

Another hack that would taste better with the no longer available fries from Taco Bell, but hey, we’ll work with what we’ve got. The California Burrito contains fried potatoes, carne asada, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole, and is exactly what it sounds like it would be.

When you bite into this burrito, you’re greeted with a good audible crunch, then a subtle tang and nutty, limey notes from the guacamole, which is much easier to focus on without being distracted by beans.

This burrito is a little bit more enjoyable thanks to the carne asada. We upped the ante by starting with Taco Bell’s Spicy Double Steak Grilled Cheese burrito, which has grilled jalapenos and fried cheese on the tortilla. This gave the burrito more crunch and a dash of jalapeno heat.

What to Order:

The cheapest method is to make a cheesy bean and rice burrito with potatoes, sirloin, guacamole, and sour cream in place of the beans.

Grilled cheese with a spicy double steak is the best method. Burrito with guacamole and potatoes instead of rice, chipotle sauce, red strips, and nacho cheese.

the conclusion

Up until they bring the French fries back, this is as near as Taco Bell will let you come to a California Burrito.

2. The wet burrito or enchirito

taco bell hacks

In essence, this is what Taco Bell’s Enchirito used to be. It’s essentially an enchilada-sauce-covered burrito, or a “wet burrito,” except Taco Bell’s red sauce, which is similar to enchilada sauce but a touch runnier is utilised instead. It is very excellent. Delicious yet messy. Taco Bell may have discontinued the Enchirito due to the mess it creates, but all you need to make one is any Taco Bell burrito, a side of red sauce, and a plate.

Any Taco Bell burrito with a side of red sauce and a side of nacho cheese sauce or cheese is how to order it. Place the burrito with the two ingredients on it. Use a knife and fork to eat.

the conclusion

Your burrito will become more flavorful right away if you cover it in red sauce. The crimson sauce gives your tortilla spice and depth of flavour, making every bite seem decadently rich.

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1. Proper Nachos

taco bell hacks

What went wrong with Taco Bell’s nachos? Really, all you need to make better nachos than Taco Bell’s Nachos Bell Grande are a bag of tortilla chips, a block of cheese, and a can of refried beans. Movie theatre nachos seem downright upscale next to The Nachos Bell Grande.

The Nachos Bell Grande is the most pitiful attempt at nachos I’ve ever encountered, and it’s especially frustrating because Taco Bell has all the ingredients needed to make proper nachos; they just don’t manage to pull it off. I know that living in Los Angeles has spoiled me with some of the best Mexican food in the country.

So I suppose we’ll handle it for them.

Ordering Information: Nachos Bell Grande, Add steak or chicken, guacamole, jalapenos, extra three cheese blend, and hot red or green sauce instead of the tacky seasoned beef and nacho cheese sauce. It has crunch, substance, flavour, and heat.

The Verdict: It’s just fucking nachos; it’s hardly rocket science! Although it’s perhaps the most obvious Taco Bell hack, it definitely belongs on the menu all the time. Taco Bell, you shouldn’t have us do this garbage for you.

These nachos have the flavour layers that make them good nachos. Regular Nacho Bell Grande from Taco Bell taste like roadkill and are a real insult to nachos worldwide.

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