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Ikea Hacks Office : Know 9 Ikea Hacks For Office In 2022!

Do you find your workspace to be getting monotonous? Want to declutter the house without spending a lot of money? Or is working on computers all day starting to affect your health? With only one trip to IKEA and some hard work, all of these issues can be remedied.

The best thing about IKEA is how inexpensive its catalog is, which gives you the flexibility to experiment and piece together objects in ways that IKEA never intended without worrying about making a mistake. You won’t spend a fortune if something goes wrong.

IKEA hacks are merely home improvements made to standard IKEA items. Here are some of the more useful suggestions we have come across. Try them out, but above all, enjoy yourself!

1 Standing Desk 

ikea hacks office

If you spend most of your waking hours in front of a computer, whether for work or pleasure, you owe it to yourself to think about switching from a sitting desk to a standing one.

In addition to seriously endangering your health, standing while you work can also increase your output.

You can create your own standing desk for $50 by combining a VIKA tabletop, LACK side table, and EKBY keyboard shelf.

Alternatively, you can invest extra and create a more complex version for $150 by following our simple-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Feel free to make any necessary modifications to the design if you have DIY experience.

It’s true that a standing desk can benefit your health, but it’s crucial that you really use the workstation properly. You should be fine as long as you don’t make these frequent standing desk mistakes.

2. Treadmill Desk

ikea hacks officeIf the aforementioned standing desk is too simple for you or you want to be even more active throughout the day, think about creating a treadmill desk in its place.

With it, you can work while standing up and running while watching TV and movies. Welcome to wonderful health!

The drawback of treadmills is their high cost; even the most affordable versions will set you back a few hundred dollars, and since you really don’t want to skimp on this, prepare to shell out a little more money.

Your wallet won’t thank you after accounting for the desk itself and other components.

 3. Display Stand 

ikea hacks office

There’s a significant possibility that your workstation setup and posture are to blame if you suffer from eye strain and other computer fatigue-related symptoms.

A monitor that is positioned at an inappropriate height is actually one of the more prevalent issues.

By stripping down a wall shelf and adding twelve six-inch legs, you can create your own EKBY JARPEN monitor stand for less than $50. You might also want to research these additional affordable ergonomic improvements you can make to your workplace.

4. Cable Clutter Control

ikea hacks office

Although wireless devices are generally preferred over wired ones due to the possibility of cable clutter, there are situations when you are forced to use wired ones.

Your only option in certain situations is to maintain strong organizing practices and make sure your cables are kept as neat as possible.

Over the years, several IKEA hacks for cable management have been suggested; in fact, there have been so many that IKEA has chosen to launch a few items just for wire management.

The MONTERA cable covers, SIGNUM cable gutter, and SIGNUM power strip holder are noteworthy.

5. A Charging Station

ikea hacks office

I don’t know about you, but a large portion of the mess on my desk is caused by devices that need to be charged but have nowhere to sit while being charged.

Because of this, they end up dispersed throughout the desk, which is a problem that might be easily fixed with a straightforward charging station.

If your office has numerous smartphones that require daily charging, this LAMPLIG charging cabinet is fantastic. If you have a private office space, this VETTER charging station might work better for you.

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t worry too much about appearances, though, this inexpensive charging station can be made from a variety of straightforward materials.

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6. Simple Mail Rack

ikea hacks officeWhen papers and envelopes accumulate on your desk over time, that’s a major cause of clutter as well. Before you know it, half of your workstation has been taken, and the prospect of cleaning and arranging everything is simply too daunting to contemplate. Not to mention that a congested environment actually hinders productivity.

The trick is to stop it in its tracks before it gets that far, but that is obviously easier said than done until you improvise a cheap but effective solution like this KNUFF mail rack constructed out of magazine files. You can practically make anything in your office match with a little stain and skill.

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7. A rack of sorted files

ikea hacks office

This KVISSLE wall-mounted magazine rack is another option if the postal rack solution isn’t sufficient. This rack is better for items of longer-term relevance, such as forms, contracts, reports, etc., but the main rack is perfect for papers that are quick-in and quick-out.

Giving each slot a specific function and labeling them, as seen in this post by The Decor Fix, is the key in this situation. As soon as you begin utilizing one of them effectively, you’ll be shocked at how much desk space is freed up.

8. A Letter Holder Drawer

ikea hacks office

IKEA makes a handy little item called the DOKUMENT letter tray that you can use to arrange paperwork and documents on top of your desk. But what if you don’t want your papers to be visible to everyone? What if you lack the necessary desktop space?

In order to hold papers out of sight without taking up an unnecessary workspace, the idea is to hack it into a DOCUMENT letter tray drawer that is mounted to the underside of your desk.

The best part is that they are quite easy to follow. The only tools required are a pipe cutter or hacksaw to remove the vital components and a few wood screws for mounting.

This is the perfect example of IKEA hacking, in my opinion: straightforward but efficient.

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9. An outrigger printer drawer

ikea hacks officeYou already know how big all-in-one printers can be if you have one at your home office. Even if you choose a more compact, less expensive printer, it still clutters up your desktop because they typically require a designated standing place, which can make your office feel claustrophobic.

It almost seems as though there isn’t a decent place for a printer, so you might want to choose this BESTA extending printer drawer setup, which keeps your equipment hidden until you need it. In addition to being useful, it also has a pleasing appearance.


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