Cannabis Cup Illinois 2022: Complete Details Are Here!

Herbal Remedies is excited to announce that it will take part in the 2022 High Times Illinois Cannabis Cup:  People’s Choice Edition as a participating dispensary. For public vote, the best products from authorized producers in the Land of Lincoln will be submitted in a number of categories.

Competitors who are adults (18+) or who have Illinois medical cards (18+) are eligible to purchase judging kits. Customers can try a range of cannabis products from Illinois brands in this competition, offer constructive criticism, and finally choose their favorites by casting a vote. For the third time in 2022, the event will take place in Illinois.

High Times has established a reputation as one of the most famous names in the cannabis industry since it began publishing news, culture, and legalisation pieces in 1974. The Cannabis Cup event has grown on a national and even worldwide level thanks to the participation of numerous states and even Amsterdam.

In the past, notable judges have included well-known figures including Tommy Chong, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Joe Rogan, and the son and wife of Bob Marley (Damian and Rita, respectively).

Reviewers receive the judging kits, which come in a limited-edition High Times backpack and have up to 60 days to try product samples and give them an accurate rating via an internet site.

Only 228 judging kits are available for each product category statewide, and only a small number of those are allocated to herbal remedies. Illinois cannabis products are rated based on a variety of elements, including appearance, aroma, flavor, and reported effects.

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Event Timeline

cannabis cup illinois 2022

  • Cultivators’ product entries must be sent by July 13th.
  • Judging equipment will be sold on July 24.
  • On July 23, Saturday, Best Budzz Rewards members get priority entry.
  • Sunday, September 4 is the cutoff date for judging entries.
  • Winners will be announced on September 18.

First-come, the first-served policy applies when ordering judging kits. Preregistering doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a judging kit; rather, it just adds you to a list of people who will be receiving communication updates like on-sale information, submission deadlines, participating retail locations, etc.

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The 2022 Illinois Cannabis Cup results will be streamed live on social media by High Times as a digital award show. The winners will be revealed on the Facebook and Instagram pages of Herbal Remedies, and this blog post will be updated as appropriate.

The event chronology’s dates are all merely guesses. All of the information above is subject to change.

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