Beauty Hacks: 10 Beauty Hacks Everybody Need to Know In 2022!

WFH altered our attitudes toward a range of topics, including work/life balance, hard pants, and our beauty regimens.

This has led to an increased appreciation for tips and tricks that improve and ease our lives (and for soft pants that look like hard pants). We’re here to give the beauty tips that, in our opinion, everyone should be aware of by 2022.

1. Brow gel hack

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Brush the brow hair down before applying brow gel rather than simply doing so in an upward motion. This makes brows appear fuller and more feathered.

2. Beauty Sponge Hack

beauty hacks

The “damp beauty sponge hack” is already familiar to the majority of us. This TikTok trick goes a step farther and freezes it for roughly 20 minutes. It might facilitate foundation application and lessen puffiness.

3. Eyeshadow Hack 

beauty hacks

Fill in your hairline with eyeshadow that closely resembles the color of your hair. To make your hair appear thicker, you can also brush some of it along your part.

4. Beet Beauty Hack

beauty hacks

We were captivated by this video, and while we can’t attest to the efficacy of the banana lip liner hack, we can affirm that a beet makes an excellent vegan lip stain. Simply use caution when applying.

5. Skincare Multitasking Hack

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Kourt enjoys applying Clarins Double Serum on her body. Other ways to multitask with skincare include applying serums and moisturizers to your neck, chest, and hands in addition to your face. After applying eye cream, use any remaining product on your fingers to apply to your lips.

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6. Cat-Eye Hack 

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When performing a cat eye, accuracy is crucial. Using a piece of tape as a guide for the wings helps ensure lines look clean and even for those of us with shaky hands.

7. Yoga Hack for The Face

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Using a gua sha or other instrument while performing facial yoga might help expose softer, plumper skin. For detailed instructions on a routine to perform at the conclusion of the day, watch this video.

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8. Skincare Application Hack

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In a similar vein, remember to use upward motions when applying skincare products to help avoid creases and wrinkles.

9. Self-Tanner Hack

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This game-changing advice was presented to our health editor at a Zoom with St. Tropez. To get to the areas of your back that are difficult to reach, place one of those cheap back scratchers, the ones that resemble little hands.

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10. Peel Pad Hack 

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To prepare your face for a more seamless application of makeup, use a peel pad.

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