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Luke Bryan Weight Gain: Complete Info in 2022!

Has Luke Bryan gained “40 pounds” while he was in custody from sofa time and junk food snacks? According to sources, the country music singer can become “winded” just by climbing a flight of steps, according to one newspaper. The facts are revealed once Gossip Cop has looked into the story.

“Lazy” Taking Part In “Pandemic Pig-Outs” Is Luke Bryan

luke bryan weight gainThe headline of this week’s Globe screams, “Lardy Luke Packs On 40 Pounds!” According to the newspaper, country music singer Luke Bryan now weighs a “gut-busting 225 pounds” as a result of his “pandemic pig-outs.” According to sources, Bryan’s “ballooning belly” is the result of “lazy Luke’s lack of activity and bad food,” according to the publication.

He has a double chin and has gained 40 pounds, an insider exclaims. A few years ago, he was a lovely cut-out, but now he has a doughboy appearance. The publication claims that Bryan’s allegedly increasing figure has been greatly influenced by Lockdown.

Developing Bad Habits While in Lockdown

According to reports, the “Country Girl” singer indulges in “late-night munching” and stuffs his face with junk food while watching NFL games. Bryan “doesn’t exercise much, if at all,” the insider continues, adding joyfully, “Climbing the stairs is enough cardio – and even that gets him winded.”

The tattler goes on to say that Caroline Boyer, the wife of Luke Bryan, “isn’t helping any by stuffing the fridge with frozen pizzas.” The source ends the article by saying, “His friends are joking he’d better hop on the treadmill if he doesn’t want to look like Garth Brooks,” as an additional dig in an already offensive piece that is loaded with fat-shaming.

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Gossip Cop Is Aware of This Tabloid’s Activities

How often may a publication focus on the size or shape of celebrities before it becomes obsessional? It’s getting pretty tiresome that The Globe refers to random celebs as tubby on a weekly basis. In addition to being tiresome to address the same harmful theme, this tabloid also went so far as to deceive its audience.

luke bryan weight gain

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The tabloid showed Luke Bryan’s allegedly “ballooning belly” in two images. In a photograph that was obviously older, Bryan did indeed appear trim. The second, larger image was marginally more recent. The image, which ostensibly shows Bryan’s post-epidemic physique, was actually taken at a concert Bryan attended in September 2019, months before the pandemic started.

Not to be rude, but it seems that Bryan’s weight gain began well before the quarantine that was instituted to stop the deadly coronavirus from spreading.

According to recent pictures of Bryan, the country musician resembles himself almost exactly as he did at the start of the pandemic. Bryan was the hapless subject of the rudest side of celebrity gossip, which was obviously just looking for a new target for its weekly fat-shaming.

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Recall how we discussed the Globe’s penchant for labeling celebs as “tubby”? No, we weren’t joking. The publication has been called out by Gossip Cop on numerous occasions for using nastiness and fat-shaming. For instance, the publication previously called Tyra Banks, the host of Dancing With The Stars, “tubby” and said she had put on nearly 30 pounds in a single year.

The supermarket magazine said last month that “tubby” Ellen DeGeneres had put on a frightening amount of weight as a result of her stress-induced “binge eating.” Both of the tales featured plenty of offensive weight jokes, but neither story was true, and neither is this latest entry in the hall of fame for fat-shaming.


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