What is Gimkit? How to Use Gimkit – Step By Step Guide

Are you looking for a way to make distant learning more fun and enjoyable? Then Gimkit might be the perfect tool for you. This interactive quiz-style game was designed as a high school project as a method to develop tools that students would actually want to use, and as a great approach to increase engagement.

So, what is Gimkit and how can you get started with it? We’ll look at what this affordable tool is, who it’s aimed for, and how to use it in this step-by-step explanation.

What is Gimkit?


Gimlet is a quiz learning game created and maintained by students, and it is specifically meant for teachers and students. Gimkit is centered on students and teachers producing “kits,” or live learning games, in which they can construct quizzes. While Gimkit appears to be a little difficult, it is actually quite simple.

You can either start from scratch or import an existing quiz from Quizlet or a CSV file or copy quizzes from the Gimkit gallery. You can then customize these templates for your own needs.

Motivating Features of Gimkit

Every game, including the Gimkit app, need a reward mechanism. Students earn virtual money by correctly answering questions, which they can then spend on various power-ups. Earning more points per properly answered question, collecting additional points when on a “streak,” and purchasing insurance for the potential that a question is answered poorly are all examples of power-ups.

Teachers will receive a data report outlining the average general class replies as well as individual student responses at the conclusion of each game. This is a fantastic tool for using Gimkit to assess students’ knowledge and provide teachers with useful information about what pupils understand and what needs to be retaught.

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How to Use Gimkit – Step By Step Guide

Are you ready to get started with Gimkit? Let’s have a look at how to play this interactive digital quiz game.

Sign Up With Gimkit


However, with access to both Gimkit Live and Gimkit Ink, your $4.99 per month goes a long way. Students can participate in live games, new interesting and exciting game types that are updated on a regular basis, and live auto-graded assignments using Gimkit Live.

Gimkit Ink is a creation and publication tool aimed at giving kids a platform to share their work, as well as ideas and concepts, with their peers.

It’s also worth noting that students don’t have to create their own accounts; instead, they can enroll in their teacher’s class.

Find Your School

Finding your school is a part of the Gimkit registration process. As a teacher, you’ll be asked to choose your nation and enter your zip code before selecting your school from a drop-down menu. After that, you must input your Area of Expertise and Grade Level. After that, you can pick between Gimkit Live and Gimkit Ink. We’ve chosen Gimkit Live for the sake of this tutorial.

Create a New Kit

It’s time to start working on your first Kit! This is where you’ll design your class’s first live learning game. To begin, go to your dashboard and select “New Kit.”


To begin creating your first online quiz, give your Kit a name, language, and subject matter. Before continuing on to the next phase, you can choose a cover photo.

Add Questions


After you’ve established your basic Kit facts, it’s time to get to the fun part: adding your questions! You’ll be able to add a question, create your Kit using Flashcards, continue with KitCollab, add from Gimkit’s Question Bank, or import from a spreadsheet.


If you want to contribute a question, fill out the forms above with your query and possible responses. You can also choose to include a photo and/or audio to accompany your inquiry, which is highly recommended. Gimkit asks you to submit the correct answer as well as three wrong answers from your students from which to choose.

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Finish Kit


When you’re happy with the number of questions and how they’re arranged, click “Finish Kit.” After then, you may either play live or assign your Kit as homework.

Choose a Game Mode


Are you ready to put your Kit to the test in front of an audience? This is where things appear to become a little more complicated and perplexing but bear with us. You now have the option of selecting from a variety of game modes in which to play your Kit.

Your Kit can be used in a variety of modes, starting with the more traditional ones like Draw That!, Team Mode, and Classic. After that, you may take your quiz a step further and turn it into a more challenging game. Trust No One, The Floor is Lava, Humans vs. Zombies, and Infinity Mode is among the game possibilities.

Configure Your Game Options


After you’ve chosen your game mode, you’ll need to configure your game options. You can customize your game choices here, such as the Game Goal, how much Starting Cash each participant gets, and whether or not the player will be able to see the correct answer after replying erroneously.

Enter Code and Play!


You’re all set to play with your Kit now! Your students can use their linked accounts to access the game code to play your Kit, or you can send them the code individually. They must then go to gimkit.com/live to participate in the live game.

Is Gimkit the Right Tool For You?

Although Gimkit is not the most user-friendly tool, it is extremely engaging to students and a fantastic way to increase engagement. To really capture their attention, try playing your Kit in the Trust No One game mode, which is modeled on the famous Among Us.

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