What is the Hey Lol Challenge on TikTok? The meaning explained

Here’s what the ‘Hey Lol’ by Khaleel TikTok trend actually means.

Every week, a new TikTok challenge or trend emerges to take over the platform. The Centre of Gravity Challenge, which pitted men and women against each other, went viral last week. Now it’s all about Khaleel’s ‘Hey Lol.’

what is the hey challenge on tiktok

You’ve undoubtedly heard ‘Hey Lol’ before if you’re as enamored with TikTok songs as we are. The song borrows Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” and is combined with a sound that you may have heard previously… But why is it currently trending on TikTok? So, here’s what that implies in practice.

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What is the Hey Lol Khaleel trend on TikTok?

what is the hey challenge on tiktok

On TikTok, a new trend has exploded in popularity. Essentially, it entails filming someone while playing Khaleel’s “Hey Lol” and seeing their reaction. But why is that?

If you’ve recognized something familiar in the song, it’s because ‘Hey Lol’ contains an instrumental sound sampled from PornHub, the pornographic website. The sound appears to be played at the beginning of many PornHub films.

As a result, the current tendency is to catch those who have been secretly watching PornHub movies and recognize the sound. “I came up with this concept after seeing a sketch on TikTok when a guy was watching PornHub and his mother walked in,” Khaleel told Distractify.

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“I thought that was hilarious, so I asked Jason Flensburg, my video editor, to create a sound using the [PornHub] intro music. Then, after hearing it, I proposed that he combine that sound with Childish Gambino’s “Redbone.”

YouTuber David Dobrik performed the challenge on his younger brother, who turned around swiftly to see what was going on. Oop.

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