Vivica A. Fox’s Relationship Status Is Complex

Is Independence Day star Vivica A. Fox seeking for love? Her recent comments about a new love interest made everyone want to find out more about them!

She’s said to be dating someone new after the COVID-19 pandemic. But she also gave the idea that it was not a long-term relationship. Here’s what we know so far!

Is Vivica A. Fox dating anyone right now? She might be!


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 An Access Hollywood interview with Vivica A. Fox in 2021 revealed that she had a significant other. She attributed her interest in dating to COVID. I know that I am still seeing someone, and it’s possible that someone else is also looking for me. At this point, Vivica groaned loudly before continuing, saying: “You well know that everything is cyclical.” The honeymoon phase has come to an end, and that is all I can say.”

“We’re getting to know each other and I might be exploring new frontiers,” was her final and most stinging observation. Ouch. For all we know, Vivica’s quarantine mate may not have heard this episode of the interview. Nevertheless, it is what it is.

In spite of the fact that she hasn’t shared any new information about her mystery boo or ex on Instagram, Vivica appears to be having the time of her life.

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Previously, Vivica A. Fox was linked to hip-hop artist 50 Cent.


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 In the summer of 2020, Vivica A. Fox called the “In Da Club” rapper to task for making provocative statements regarding his preference for “exotic” ladies.

A now-deleted Instagram post by 50 Cent stated, “Vivica is still in love with me, I dated her for four months 17 years ago and she’s still enraged.” In spite of the fact that anyone who has had an ex-boyfriend who refuses to leave them alone may agree that those are fighting words, Vivica chose not to respond to his statements.

The 56-year-old actress’ Instagram bio makes sense because she’s an actress, producer, TV host, author, businesswoman, philanthropist, and all-around “homegirl.” Getting embroiled in online fights isn’t something she has time to do.


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 Her seven projects for 2020 include The Wrong Cheerleading Coach and The Wrong Wedding Planner.

Then there’s more. Also in 2021, Vivica hopes to star in a television series named 12 to Midnight.

When asked about the possibility of a reunion with 50 Cent, Vivica A. Fox has remarked that she would “never say never.”

When Wendy Williams asked her in 2018 if she would contemplate reconnecting with 50 Cent in the near future, Vivica A. Fox said yes. “Don’t ever say never again… ” He piqued my interest and continues to do so… “Asked about her ex-boyfriend, we’d start by becoming buddies.”

She said that she and her ex-husband reconnected while writing her memoir, Every Day I’m Hustling.

Vivica A. Fox's Relationship Status Is Complex

Vivica A. Fox recently admitted on The View that she is no longer as picky about who she dates as she once was.

She said, “I’m just wanting to get to know someone a little bit better in order to find a long-term spouse.” The right person to bring out the best in us as a group.

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Vivica’s famous exes also include Robert Ri’Chard and possibly Dennis Rodman.

Vivica A. Fox's Relationship Status Is Complex

Vivica has had a long list of noteworthy ex-boyfriends, including Robert Ri’Chard (Vivica was 50). Vivica met Robert while working on the movie Chocolate City and became his mother.

Omar White, a club promoter, called it quits on their engagement in 2011 after a courtship spanning nearly two years. At the time, Vivica was also engaged. Allegations that she was dating former NBA star Dennis Rodman also circulated.

It doesn’t matter who she dates, Vivica A. Fox deserves the world. Aside from the fact that she has a new and improved dating technique, her “cheeky smile and abs” are sure to help her out!

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