What makes Tiktok’s Naked Challenge so popular?

Have a fantastic one-week lockdown, guys! I’m guessing you’re all playing the new Animal Crossing game, The Sims, or reading a book since there isn’t much else to do.

Hopefully, you aren’t too far along in your TikTok career, because if you are, you’ve considered getting in on this horrible fad. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the TikTok nude challenge, the worst combo of couples and lockdown boredom ever.

It’s probably all you’ve seen on your for you page lately, and you’ve probably thought if this is the only way these poor people can convince their spouses to shag them, or whether these poor people even deserve to be having sex.

Here’s all you need to know about the naked challenge.

tiktok naked challenge

What is the TikTok naked challenge and where did it come from?

The idea is simple: take off your gear, grab your phone, and record your significant other’s reaction to you walking in while he is playing video games, on a conference call, or at work.

If you’re fortunate, your partner will make an odd face, and you’re probably already engaged in some subpar foreplay. You performed a fantastic job.

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How does the viral trend work?

Despite its tremendous appeal, the movement is kept under wraps. The TikTok system recognizes and informs users who use the phrase nude in their subtitles. People get around that by saying ‘n4k3d,’ ‘naked,’ or ‘nakey,’ since they’re so smart.

 Hetero-women and their walking cliché companions, who all look to be playing video games while wearing headphones, started the fad. It’s increasingly common to see homosexual couples, roommates, and even siblings participating in it.

It’s revolting, but there’s not much more to say about it. If you’re a guy like Jamie Liang, you can give the format a little twist by making jokes about how little and unappealing your flaccid penis is. Enjoy the pleasantries!

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