Mistresses Season 5: Confirmed or Cancelled Release Date Look at This!

Mistresses are the finest series for you if you like mystery drama soap opera television series. You will get in-depth information about one of these series here.

Mistresses is one of the finest American mystery drama soap opera television programmes, based on the 2008-2010 UK series. The lives of four female friends are the subject of this series. Mistresses also disclose these pals’ participation in a variety of unlawful and complicated relationships.

Mistresses Season 5 Release Date

Mistresses Season 5

Mistresses Season 5 is an American mystery drama soap opera television series created by K.J. Steinberg, as previously stated.

Rochelle Aytes, Jes Macallan, Tabrett Bethell, Jennifer Esposito, Alyssa Milano, and Yunjin Kim feature in Mistresses. The first episode of the series aired on May 27, 2013. However, ABC confirmed that Mistresses will launch on June 3rd, 2013.

Now it’s time to speak about the fifth episode of Mistresses in greater detail…

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What happens in Mistresses?

Mistresses Season 5

After four seasons, ABC discontinued Mistresses in its fifth season on September 9, 2016. The fifth season of the show will not be renewed.

According to Krebsdaily, if there had been a fifth season of Mistresses, it would have been the series’ last season. It’s possible that all Mistresses fans will be disappointed to learn that the fifth season has been cancelled by ABC.

To satiate our thirst, let’s take a close look at the series’ narrative…………..

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What happens in Mistresses?

Mistresses Season 5

Mistresses chronicle the haphazard lives of four pals as they embark on a tumultuous journey together in search of self-discovery. Meet Savi, a successful career lady who is preparing for a new chapter of her life that is both professional and emotional.

The meet is looking for a law firm partner, while her husband Harry and she are attempting to create a family of their own. Free-spirited and Savi’s baby sister are not that dissimilar. Serial dating and partying are common aspects of their lifestyle.

April, Harry and Meet’s shared closest friend, is rebuilding her life after a tragic event. After being entangled in a relationship with a patient, Karen Meet’s buddy reconnects with the girls.

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Mistresses Season 5 Plot

Mistresses Season 5

Mistresses follow a group of four friends as they go on a perilous voyage together.

Learn more about Savi, a successful professional woman who divides her time between work and personal pursuits.

The Meet is seeking a legal firm partner as her husband Harry is hoping to create a family. Savi’s Free active and toddler sisters have less variety. It is anticipated that they would participate in a series of courtships and parties as part of their home application.

April, Harry and Meet’s common friend, has recovered her life after a long and gruelling fight. Karen Meet’s acquaintance reintroduces himself to the lady after getting concerned about their probable relationship as a consequence of a case.

Karen was supposed to have been slain in the season’s last episode. As a consequence, she was never seen by anybody. April had a come-upon with a female dressed just like Karen in the episode’s concluding images.

Her cries for assistance included her addressing herself and pleading with April to join her in a worthy cause. If season 5 is revived, the identity of the new Karen will be revealed.

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Who are the Casting Characters of Mistresses?

Mistresses Season 5

Savannah “Savi” Davis is played by Alyssa Milano.

Dr Karen Kim is played by Yunjin Kim.

April Malloy is played by Rochelle Aytes.

Josslyn “Joss” Carver is played by Jes Macallan.

Harry Davis is played by Brett Tucker.

Sam Grey is played by Erik Stocklin.

Dominic Taylor is played by Jason George.

Marc Nickleby is played by Rob Mayes.

Calista Raines is played by Jennifer Esposito.

Kate Davis is played by Tabrett Bethell.

These are the names of the main characters who wowed the audience throughout the series.

One thing that comes to mind for me, and I’m sure for you as well, is whether or not there is a trailer for this series……

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Is there any Trailer for the 5th Season of Mistresses?

Mistresses Season 5

As I previously said, the series will not be renewed for a fifth season, and there is no official trailer for Season 5.

The IMDb Rating of Mistresses

Mistresses have a 7.1 out of 10 IMDb rating, with a total of 12,702 votes, making it a popular favourite.


Season 5 of Mistresses is an American mystery soap opera television series focused on the narrative of four companions. The series’ most sad aspect is that it will not be renewed for a fifth season. Let us pray for some big miracle to bring the 5th Season of Mistresses back to our screens…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there the 5th Season of Mistresses?

The fifth season of Mistresses has been cancelled.

Who was Karen Kim in Mistresses?

Hina Abdullah plays Karen Kim in Mistresses.

Does Joss marry Harry in Mistresses?

No, they don’t get married to each other.


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