“Boom Boom” Challenge on TikTok Is Pretty NSFW – Here’s What To Know!

Every social media platform has its own peculiar set of issues and trends that emerge for a variety of reasons. When everyone was plunging coolers of ice over their heads and uploading it on social media, it was all the rage. That was, after all, to help promote ALS awareness. Is it time for the Mannequin Challenge? That was to help promote a song that wouldn’t have gotten much airplay otherwise.

What about TikTok’s “Boom Boom” challenge? What’s the big deal about this craze?

How do you participate in the Boom Boom challenge?

Boom Boom challenge

On TikTok, there are plenty of handy small hacks, tips, techniques, and shared nuggets of odd knowledge that help individuals extend their horizons and cue them in on things that make life a little easier. There are several eye-opening short-form videos that have gone popular for obvious reasons, whether it’s to promote productivity or visually break down the wealth disparity between Jeff Bezos and billionaires.

Then there are TikToks, such as those created by people who took part in the Boom Boom challenge.

Due to the overwhelming amount of challenges that entail suggestive activities, such as the toothpaste fad, TikTok has been accused of fostering an environment where child predators thrive. Around a third of all TikTok users are between the ages of 10 and 19, and many of the underage users who have accounts on the app wind up imitating many of the popular trends.

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The Boom Boom craze is just another example of sexualized narcissism in action. Participants in the videos do a “light up” on camera that begins with them dressed casually. They’ll change into a jacket/blazer with no shirt or blouse underneath halfway through the 15-second film. Below are a few instances. Please keep in mind that these may not be suitable for all viewers.

Many of the movies show them pouting their lips, moving their hair about, and posing for the camera in an “I’m feeling myself” mood after “snapping” into the blazer. All of the clips are set to Doja Cat’s “Boom” track.

The Boom Boom challenge TikTok vids’ comment sections all have a common theme.

Boom Boom challenge

The “Boom Boom” challenge appears to draw a specific type of audience, with adverts promising video and image access to “beautiful chicks” and individuals hungry for the made-up women appearing for cameras while rocking blazers and cleavage.

While wearing a jacket as part of the challenge is one method to get in on the “Boom Boom” fad, there are a variety of additional ways to do so.

Some people simply glow from the inside out! It’s all about celebrating one’s physical attractiveness and publishing it online for the world to see, whether they’re suddenly flaunting a lovely saree and jewelry combo or another attire they’re very fond of.

If it appears to be superficial, that’s because it is. However, as Nicolas-Winding Refn posited in The Neon Demon, narcissism appears to be a virtue of more recent generations as a result of social media. However, whether or whether this is beneficial to us as a global society in terms of making us happier is a different matter entirely.

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