The Amazing Race 33 Episode 9: Which Team Will Be Dragged Out of the Race to the Finals Tonight?

Teamwork was key as they scoured the world for a needle in the big one on The Amazing Race in episode 9. Due to the difficulty of the task, it was an upsetting experience. Who was eliminated at the end of tonight’s race? This article contains a number of spoilers. We’ve included the names of those who were eliminated from The Amazing Race 33 in the following section. The following is a spoiler warning:

This week’s episode was all about luck, whereas last week’s episode was all about memory. Patience is required, but luck is more important than anything else when searching for a penny hidden behind a rock. Lulu and Lala had to leave last week after a few non-elimination rounds. Episode 9 saw the elimination of a team. We have all the information you’ll need!


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 Finding a coin tucked away behind a rock is one of the more difficult tasks we’ve seen so far this season (so far). The landscape was littered with thousands of rocks. It’s nearly impossible to find anything underneath them. The team could only complete this challenge by one member, not both.

It didn’t take long for the various teams to work together to find the stone. The participants’ minds were easily messed up by this challenge. In one round, two contestants came face to face with them. It took a long time to locate the stones.

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On tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race, who was eliminated?

The Amazing Race 33 Episode 9

Non-elimination tournament! Thus, no team has been eliminated for the second time in this tournament’s history. In the aftermath of the pandemic, TAR 33’s production was forced to make up for lost time because some crew members were unable to return. How are you feeling about your current team? After watching episode 9, did your opinion of the show change?

Here is a list of the remaining teams:

The Amazing Race 33 Episode 9

  • Penn and Kim are a couple (Internet Personalities)
  • Cayla and Raquel are in love (Flight Attendants)
  • Ryan and Dusty are in a relationship (Best Friends)
  • (Father/Daughter) Arun and Natalia

On Wednesday, March 2, 2022, there will be an all-new episode on CBS. Which channel, CBS or Paramount+, will you use to watch the show when it airs? Final episodes are just around the corner, and you don’t want to miss them.

The Amazing Race 33 Trailer

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