Love Is Blind Season 1 Couples List: How Many Couples Are Still Together?

Experiment with Netflix dating Love is Blind follows a group of singles on a speed-dating session where they never see one other. They have the ability to propose to each other at any time before meeting for the first time. The engaged couples then go on a retreat to strengthen their relationship and meet their partners’ families before choosing to marry. The reality program has returned with a fresh cast for season 2. Are any of the couples from Season 1 of Love is Blind still together?

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, a fan favorite pair, fell in love almost instantly and married while shooting in November 2018. After the first season was completed, the two started a YouTube channel, Hanging with the Hamiltons, that today has over 672,000 subscribers

 Additionally, a book is set to be released in June 2022. Speed hosted Match Me if You Can, a YouTube-based show for MTV, in May 2021. The pair are still together.

Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike

Barnett linked with numerous females throughout his pod speed-dating experience but had the closest connection with Amber Pike, whom he eventually asked to marry him.

She consented, and the two married in November of 2018. They are still married, and Koda, their dog, lives with them in Georgia.

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Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli

Giannina Gibelli asked Damian Powers for his hand in marriage after courting for ten days in the “pods.” He first said yes, but on the day of their wedding, he turned her down. Regardless, the pair remained together until early 2021, when they divorced.

 Gibelli allegedly met Blake Horstmann, star of The Bachelorette, while filming a competition-based program for Paramount+ a year later. They’re said to have spent New Year’s Eve 2022 together, and a source reportedly revealed they’re dating. Despite being connected to Too Hot to Handle actor Francesca Farago, Powers seems to be single.

Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten

During Season 1 of Love is Blind, the pair were engaged, but Jessica Batten abandoned Mark Cuevas at the altar. She is currently engaged to podiatrist Ben McGrath and has a podcast, The Unsettled Podcast, which she just debuted.

 Cuevas has also discovered a new love interest in Aubrey Rainey, his fiancee. Ace Anthony was born in April 2021, and Axton Anders was born in February 2022.

Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase

Kelly Chase consented to marry Kenny Barnes at first but subsequently changed her mind. She is now employed as an empowerment coach and runs the ChaseLife with Kelly podcast.

 She is still single, and in early 2020, he began a new relationship with a lady called Alexandra.

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Diamond Morton brothers, Jack and Carlton

Following their time in the pods, the pair got engaged, indicating that their relationship was off to a good start. However, once they got to their getaway, things swiftly worsened, with a massive blow-up putting an end to everything.

 They are both presently single, however, he has indicated an interest in rekindling their romance in the past.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Love is Blind are available on Netflix.

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