Euphoria Season 2 Episode 7 Trailer: Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!

The Euphoria season 2 episode 7 trailer focuses on Lexi’s (Maude Apatow) semi-autobiographical play, Our Life, and the students’ reactions to it.

In the teaser for Euphoria season 2 episode 7, Lexi’s act takes center stage. Lexi is one of a few supporting characters that has seen an enlarged role during season 2 of HBO’s popular adolescent drama from the imagination of Sam Levinson, played by Maude Apatow, the daughter of movie mogul Judd Apatow. Euphoria stars Angus Cloud, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, and Dominic Fike, and is directed by Emmy Award winner Zendaya.

Euphoria season 2 has introduced a slew of new pairings since its return to HBO last month. Two love triangles have emerged, one involving Rue (Zendaya), Jules (Schafer), and Elliot (Fike), and the other involving Nate (Elordi), Maddy (Demie), and Cassie (Sweeney), the seeds for both of which were laid during the season 2 premiere. Lexi forms an odd friendship with the local drug dealer, Fezco (Cloud), during the monumental New Year’s Eve party, and their relationship has only grown stronger after a few more meetings.

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The teaser for next week’s episode of Euphoria is now up, giving a sneak peek at the final chapter of the season. Lexi’s semi-autobiographical play will finally take center stage, based on the trailer and the title of episode 7, “The Theater and Its Double.” The preview depicts many characters’ astonishing responses to Our Life while sitting in the audience, with Maddy being the most startled, saying, “Wait, is this f—king play about us?” Take a look at the trailer below:

During Euphoria’s second season, it was evident that Lexi would get more screen time and have a more developed plot. Lexi, Cassie’s younger sister, has grown up in the shadow of her more popular elder sister and has been relegated to the role of wallflower throughout the program. Season 2 has seen a significant shift in this regard. Apart from the fan-favorite growing relationship between Fez and Lexi (called “Flexi” by fans), Our Life has played a major role throughout the season and is guaranteed to cause ripples at East Highland when it is ultimately watched by the school.

While Fez promises Lexi that he will be in the first row in the trailer, he and his associate Ashtray may be concerned with Custer, who has been assisting the police in the investigation of Mouse’s murder. Season 2 of Euphoria is set to come to a surprising end in the coming weeks, with so many high-stakes stories still up in the air. The season’s last episode will be broadcast on HBO on 20, February 2022.

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