Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Has Revealed That She is Expecting Her First Child With an Unidentified Boyfriend

Lindsay Hubbard, star of Summer House, disclosed that she is expecting her first child with an unidentified partner.

Lindsay, 37, revealed her pregnancy on Instagram on Thursday, July 4. “Warning: There are more fireworks in this post than there are on July 4th! “WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!!” she wrote, attaching multiple images of herself showing off her baby belly and holding up a pregnancy test. “I firmly think that this is part of the universe’s grander scheme! I took the @clearblue Early Digital Pregnancy Test as soon as I had a feeling, and being able to clearly express the results made the next steps a lot simpler.

She continued, saying, “My boyfriend and I are so excited to welcome our little #HubbCub this holiday season 2024!”

Lindsay considered the announcement in a follow-up Instagram post that she made on Friday, July 5, following multiple well-wishes. I felt incredibly fortunate and appreciative for this experience when I woke up this morning. Above all, though, I’m happy and relieved to be able to celebrate publicly and with everyone at last,” she added.

Lindsay expressed her pleasure about sharing her “happiness and joy” and acknowledged that it was “extremely difficult to hide [her] excitement in secrecy.”

She went on, “Even though I’m actually gaining weight by the day, I feel like a weight has been lifted!” “Our tiny cub is already incredibly cherished! I appreciate all of your kind words, affection, and help! We are genuinely ecstatic at the moment!

Lindsay has announced her happy news, but she hasn’t named the baby’s father. But at the Summer House season 8 reunion in June, she revealed that she was seeing a “wonderful man.”

In reality, three and a half years ago, we went on a couple dates. He kind of came back up in December, and we started dating in January. It was simply poor timing for him and me back then, she said at the time. It’s tracking in a really serious direction, in my opinion. He has been a wonderful help.

Less than a year after Lindsay and Carl Radke called off their engagement in August 2023, the couple revealed Lindsay is expecting their first child.

The eighth season followed Carl, 39, and Lindsay as they planned their wedding, albeit there were many highs and lows until their separation on May 30. After a heated discussion between the ex-couples in their Manhattan apartment, Carl insisted that Lindsay didn’t give a damn about his feelings.

During the reunion, the former couple continued to talk about their problems, and Carl expressed regret for the way he handled their breakup.

He said, “I hurt someone I care about.” “I messed up something we both worked extremely hard to attempt to figure out and fix. I believe we both sincerely want this next stage of our lives. But it wasn’t appropriate.

However, Lindsay previously dispelled rumors that she was expecting in June after they began to circulate online. “These rumors are ridiculous, really. She stated, “Yeah, no, I’m not pregnant,” during her appearance on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast on June 4. “They mentioned Amanda [Batula] in March”.

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