Star of “Teen Mom,” David Eason, Shows Off His New Girlfriend While Divorcing Jenelle Evans Proceeds

Even though he and Jenelle Evans are no longer together, David Eason appears to have moved on from the Teen Mom alum by showcasing his new partner on social media.

The Divorce of David and Jenelle Is Not Proceeding As Expected

The Ashley exclusively reported that the ex-couple was scheduled to appear in court on Monday to discuss a number of significant matters pertaining to their protracted divorce. Even though Jenelle and David had formally separated in February, she cannot apply for divorce until after a full year has passed.

The couple was supposed to talk about a number of things during the planned court appearance, such as how to divide their joint assets, the terms of child support, and custody of their daughter Ensley. Deciding who will keep ownership of their shared assets, such as their yacht, is probably part of this property partition.

But things did not go according to plan at the hearing. The case has been postponed and will now be reviewed later this summer at the judge’s request.

The New Girlfriend of David Is Similar to Jenelle

Jenelle Evans and David Eason

Jenelle has been busy moving on in the meanwhile. She has been in intimate relationships with both her manager, August Keen, and a new partner. In an apparent sign of a strong dedication to this new relationship, Jenelle moved to Las Vegas to be close to August and has been upfront about him on her show Teen Mom: Next Chapter.

However, David has also been in the news due to his recent romantic involvement, Kenleigh. David has posted multiple videos on social media showing his stay at Kenleigh’s residence. It has been alleged that David has been residing on a derelict boat owned by a couple.

Ten years younger than David, Kenleigh is a 25-year-old photographer and graphic designer who has been spotted displaying her North Carolina property on social media.

While Jenelle hasn’t publicly commented on David’s new partner, a lot of fans and onlookers have pointed out how much Jenelle looks like Kenleigh, which has sparked conversations among followers about how similar the two women are.

The public’s fascination in David and Jenelle’s personal issues is evident even as they both go on with their own lives.

David Eason has a history tainted by legal troubles. Prior to dating Jenelle, he had been arrested several times for various charges, such as drug possession and violence. One important facet of his public persona is his criminal past. Among David’s contentious acts from 2018 was the killing of the family dog, Nugget, which resulted in the temporary removal of Jenelle’s children and public outrage.

In spite of this, David and Kenleigh’s relationship seems to be a new beginning for him and provides an insight into his life after Jenelle. Now that Jenelle has rejoined the Teen Mom series, fans might even get to hear her take on the matter.


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