Margot Robbie is Said to Be Pregnant While on Vacation in Italy

After shots of the Barbie star taken while on vacation in Italy, rumors that Margot Robbie is expecting a baby are circulating swiftly.

Margot, who turned 34 on July 2, has already been the target of numerous pregnancy rumors; however, a particular collection of vacation photos sparked fresh claims.

On July 7, Robbie and her husband Tom Ackerley were being followed while on vacation in Italy, and photos taken by paparazzi sparked rumors.

This is what we currently know.

This Margot Robbie Rumor Is A Little Different

Margot Robbie and her husband Tom Ackerley were surveilled on July 7th, close to the northern Italian holiday area of Lake Como.

Numerous photos from Margot’s vacation were featured in the British tabloid the Daily Mail, albeit the website made no mention of Robbie’s pregnancy.

Instead, the publication included a collection of 28 photos from the Lake Como expedition and made frequent and obvious references to Margot’s “midriff” in its headline.

The headline included the word prominently, but the opening paragraphs also highlighted that particular element of the Barbie star’s attire:

“Margot Robbie showed her midriff on Sunday, July 7, when she cautiously boarded a boat while on vacation in Lake Como with her husband Tom Ackerley.

“The 34-year-old Barbie actress paired a short white T-shirt that showed off her midriff with black pants.

She finished her outfit with a stylish black blazer and complemented it with a cream leather bag as she received assistance down to the boat.

Posts on Reddit and X (formerly Twitter) asserting Margot was pregnant surfaced within minutes.

Margot Has Been the Target of Pregnancy Rumors for a Long Time

Tom Ackerley and Margot Robbie

Once the Barbie frenzy subsided, an article in InTouch Weekly inquired as to whether Robbie intended to become a mother in October.

The site, citing an unnamed source, reported that Margot would probably keep her pregnancy a secret for some time and that she found it annoying that people kept asking her about becoming a parent:

“Margot is keeping the news to herself for the time being, with the exception of a select group of close friends. The source states, “She’ll want to keep the pregnancy a secret as long as possible.”

She had, in fact, made no secret of her irritation at being asked by reporters whether she intended to have children. “Since my marriage, the first question in nearly all interviews is, “Babies? She asked, “When are you having one?”

The social compact that says, “You’re married, now have a baby,” enrages me so much. Avoid making assumptions. “I’ll carry out my plan of action.”

Given that Margot has reportedly dealt with pregnancy rumors for the most of her career (dating back to 2017), it is not unexpected that she finds them annoying.

With a picture of Robbie, the article “Here’s an Idea: Do Not Ask Celebrities—Or Any Women, Actually—When They’re Having a Baby” on pregnancy rumors involving celebrities was published in January 2019 by Vogue.

In the article, Vogue highlighted Margot and the wave of pregnancy rumors that were going around at the time. Margot was cited as saying:

Yes, exactly like all grandmothers everywhere, non-motherhood women continue to baffle Hollywood.

It makes sense that Robbie finds it offensive when unknown people inquire about the condition of her womb. “It truly infuriated me,” she recently stated to Radio Times. “How can an elderly man tell me what is appropriate for motherhood and what is not appropriate for my body?”

Margot Robbie made headlines for pregnancy rumors again over five years after she voiced her displeasure with them. People is claiming that “several sources” confirmed the news, even though there hasn’t been an official confirmation yet.

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