Manu Lombardo and Susana Megan end a relationship of over nine years

The relationship between Susana Megan and Manu Lombardo is over. The couple first met on Mujeres y hombres y viceversa in 2015. After dating for a few months on the show, he decided to go off-camera with her, one of his suitors, to start their love journey.

Now, some nine years into their relationship, their paths in life have separated. The young lady revealed this information on Instagram, where she included a text message and a monochrome picture of the two of them.

Susana Megan started her piece with the phrase “A story I will never forget,” alluding to “the magical way” they met. “Everything I have experienced during this time, the things I have learned, my home and my family,” she said.

“You have been the best life partner I could wish for and I hope that everyone feels just a little bit of the pure love we have had in our relationship,” the young woman said, turning to face Manu.

We have been apart for a while, yet our separation has been filled with a great deal of love, as our love is genuine, transformative, and unwavering. Susana went on, “I love you very much and we will always be together in one way or another. Although their romantic relationship has ended, they will always have each other.”

The young lady ended by expressing her gratitude to everyone who had supported them over the years. “We are fine, but I ask for understanding because it is not an easy situation for any of the parties ,” she said.

Hundreds of comments have been left on the post by fans, friends, and coworkers of the program, including Ruth Basauri, who was Susana’s opponent at the time and one of Manu’s suitors. Her advice to the lads was to “cheer up.”

Other messages that can be read are “Half of Spain is heartbroken,” “You are an example of maturity in a relationship,” and “You have taught this world that love is experienced in thousands of ways.”

Manu Lombardo, on the other hand, has replied to Susana’s post on social media despite having not posted anything himself. He dedicated the lines, “I love you so much, cabesa,” to his now-ex-partner.


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