Knowing Travis Kelce is the One, Taylor Swift Doesn’t Want to “Waste Time”

Rumors of an engagement, marriage, and even pregnancy have surfaced during the course of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship over the previous year. Although it appears like Taylor and Travis are deeply in love, pressure may have a negative effect on individuals, which may be the reason behind their lack of transparency regarding their future intentions.

But one thing is certain: Taylor sees Travis in the future. She’s sure she’s found the one, according to recent reports, and she simply wants to know if he shares her commitment to the relationship so they can begin making plans for their future together.

Taylor Swift Is Supposedly Prepared To Wed Travis Kelce

After repeatedly demonstrating their commitment to one another to the world, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce may soon decide to move their romance further. A source who talked with RadarOnline claims that Taylor Swift is certain that Travis is the love of her life and feels that delaying getting engaged would be a waste of time because of her confidence in him.

“According to the source, Taylor is deeply in love with Travis. She wants to ensure they’re both aligned on the idea of marriage, as she doesn’t want to waste any more time.”

It seems to be related to her interaction with Joe Alwyn. After realizing he would never ask her out, she waited a long time for him to do so. Now that she is certain of her desires, she doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

Taylor made numerous adjustments to fit Joe’s lifestyle—she relocated to London and toned down her outgoing personality because he preferred staying at home,” the insider revealed.

“They had discussed beginning a family, and she waited for him to pop the question with patience. She imagined the time had arrived every time Joe planned a nice meal or romantic getaway. However, Joe was dragging his feet and she had to leave after nearly seven years.”

“She’s not anticipating a proposal anytime soon,” the source explained, “but she wants to be sure he’s as committed to marriage as she is.”

Sources Make a Joe Alwyn and Travis Kelce Comparison

Travis Kelce and Joe Alwyn

Without a question, Taylor Swift’s connection with Travis Kelce differs significantly from her relationship with Joe Alwyn. Even if swifties have stated their preferences, it is not anyone’s place to pass judgment on them because the two of them are entirely different individuals.

But it appears that Taylor and Joe’s marital discord had a negative impact on the singer, and rumors have it that Joe Alwyn has also been struggling since their split.

The actor has long favored maintaining a low profile, and the partnerships have lately been compared by an insider.

“Unlike her connection with Travis [Kelce], their romance was clandestine. They preferred it that way, but COVID constraints played a part as well.”

According to reports, Joe Alwyn is currently whining about the attention their connection continues to bring him.

“He can’t leave the house without someone asking him about Taylor. Although he knew it was all people wanted to ask him about, he had his people inform everyone in advance that he would not be answering any questions regarding Taylor. It got emotionally taxing and upsetting.

Travis Kelce is obviously unaffected by the spotlight. He even went so far as to perform with Taylor during an Eras tour. Therefore, it’s fortunate that they eventually connected.


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