Frank Fritz’s Actual Reason for Leaving “American Pickers”

Frank Fritz American Pickers

Many of the largest cable TV documentaries have been hosted by History Channel, which tells the frequently unseen tales that are not shown on reality TV. History Channel leads the way in inventive storytelling, from ghost stories on The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch to treasure hunters on The Curse of Oak Island. Since 2010, American Pickers has been a popular series on the History Channel.

The dynamic team of antique and collectible pickers, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, searched far and wide for some of the most amazing hidden discoveries. Mike and Frank have led viewers on a nostalgic journey, whether they are collecting for their own collections or to sell to eager purchasers. However, American Pickers had a significant makeover in 2021 when Frank Fritz left the program. What is the true cause of this, then?

For both voyeurs and collectors, American Pickers has been an amazing guilty pleasure as it explores barns, garages, and collections around the country. Over the course of the 25 seasons, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have chosen some astounding objects, whether they are freestyling while traveling to their ultimate destinations.

Some perceive as trash, but others as treasure. As it says quite bluntly in the show’s opening, “We make a living telling the history of America…one piece at a time.” With Danielle Colby managing the workplace, fans have seen Mike and Frank as a dynamic team for years. However, a significant alteration occurred to the program’s appearance: Frank Fritz’s departure.

The Real Reason For Frank Fritz’s ‘American Pickers’ Exit

The people who uncover the treasures are the real focus of American Pickers, not just the findings themselves. Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe both have a strong interest in the craft of choosing and have even turned that interest into a profitable venture. When they discover objects that aren’t intended for a particular customer, they frequently take them for their own collections or retail establishments.

For Mike, one of the main characters on the show has been Antique Archeology. Frank Fritz Finds is his own store in Savanna, Illinois, where he frequently sells the items he has acquired. Frank began “picking” as a young youngster, gathering everything from coins and stamps to motorcycles and everything in between.

On paper, viewers would assume that Mike and Frank were inseparable and that they both had a deep love and passion for what they did. However, this is not the end of the narrative. The truth was gradually revealed after Frank Fritz formally departed American Pickers.

At the beginning of Season 21, Frank started to fade away from the program. He did not provide an explanation for his absence. Frank would later reveal that he had undergone back surgery, requiring two rods to be inserted into his spine in addition to 185 sutures.

He disclosed that, in addition to his back problems, he had a stroke in 2022 and Crohn’s disease. Because of this terrible circumstance, he was confined to a wheelchair for a while. Frank noted that he did not return because his back operation coincided with the COVID outbreak.

Many initially thought that his exit from the show was because of health problems, since they had only these stories to cling on. Mike Wolfe, the show’s lone surviving original main star, took some time to discuss his feelings on Frank’s exit. “I have known Frank for as long as I can remember; he’s been like a brother to me,” he disclosed on social media.

Like anything in life, the adventure Frank, Dani, and I embarked on back in 2009 has had its highs and lows, blessings and trials, but it has also been the most fulfilling. Like all of you, I will miss Frank and hope and wish for the best for him as he continues on his journey. The network did not believe that Frank suited the “big picture” for the show’s future, despite his polite demeanor.

However, as time passed, more realities came to light. Frank had to cope with his own problems since he owed back taxes on two properties he had bought in Iowa and was in legal danger. After having a stroke, he was also put under guardianship. However, it’s possible that Frank’s firing from American Pickers was more influenced by the rivalry between the two presenters.

Frank claims that the two have had problems that have persisted since they thought Mike was the show’s main character. Frank was also harmed by Mike’s failure to follow up with him during his health problems. Frank, who was somewhat removed from the circumstances, compared his position on American Pickers to that of a rock band vocalist, comparing him to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Frank’s dissatisfaction with his costar may have stemmed from his perception that he was marginalized. Mike would later disclose that Frank’s battle with addiction was the primary reason of the fallout at first. Regarding Danielle Colby’s position on this particular aspect of the case, she said, “It’s been difficult to watch since Frank inflicted so much suffering for himself.

After being ill for years, I sincerely hope Frank gets all the assistance he needs to get well. I will refrain from disparaging someone in need of assistance since it is not my position to do so. I’m wishing everyone love.” Frank and Mike got back together after their falling out, but as of right now, there are no plans for Frank to get back on the show.

On “American Pickers,” Frank Fritz’s Presence Is Not Enough

Some fans of American Pickers still feel empty in the absence of their favorite Frank Fritz, even after the show’s core cast changed its direction. Frank’s loyal followers on American Pickers can’t seem to live without him, regardless matter where he ends up on the show.

For some supporters, the rivalry between Mike and Frank is imminent. However, Mike’s brother, Rob Wolfe, has defended Mike. Rob said in a Des Moines Register interview, “My brother taught me well. Never mind about any of that. It will always be present. You can always count on there being haters in the world.”

“Look at it this way: Out of every ten people, you might have one who is a hater and nine who love it,” he continued. Don’t concentrate on that one individual, then. Pay attention to the positive.” This is a reality for a lot of reality stars. The fandom’s discourse is very prominent.

Rob Wolfe offers a fresh viewpoint and a plethora of knowledge, albeit having a distinct personality from Frank. With his brother, he does have a well-established relationship. However, he’s just not Frank Fritz to certain admirers.

It’s been a pleasure working with Rob’s brother. He said in an interview with Antique Trader, “I adore it. Both he and I have a sharp nose. occasionally I get my way, and occasionally he gets his. Though there are moments when I agree with him and there are others when we disagree, the goal is always to create the greatest TV program possible.

He still owns and operates his own store in Davenport, Iowa, where fans can come visit him in person or just browse his amazing collection, all while keeping TV at the forefront of his mind.


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