Fans Were Surprised When Stephen Colbert Became Emotional While Honoring a Late, Polarizing Country Music Star

As viewers of The Late Show are well aware, Stephen Colbert can be cruel and unforgiving, particularly when discussing political issues. As an illustration, consider Donald Trump… On the other hand, Colbert occasionally displays an emotional side as well. Unfortunately, that has been on plain show a few times in 2024 as the host honored certain people.

We’ll look back at his memories of Toby Keith’s passing and how close the two were to each other in the background despite having opposing ideologies and points of view. Although Colbert’s response startled some fans, the host was eventually commended for his handling of the situation.

Let’s examine these and other poignant moments from Colbert’s Late Show in more detail.

Stephen Colbert Became Emotional on the Late Show While Discussing the Passing of Toby Keith

Toby Keith died of stomach cancer at the age of 62. Stephen Colbert made care to pay honor to his previous guest five months ago. Colbert struggled through his tearful statement, revealing just how close the two were.

Colbert remarked, “This morning, I saw the news and was shocked and saddened.” “Even though I knew Toby was sick and had been battling stomach cancer for a while, I held out hope that we would cross paths again and hear him perform live.”

Keith taught Colbert a very important lesson: never make assumptions about a visitor beforehand.

“Hey man, you do a great job,” he said to me as he was making his way to the entrance that leads down to 54th Street. You do whatever the f—- is. And I saw that as the highest praise possible.

The host was affected by that very moment and stored Keith’s comment in his office.

That day, Toby gave me advice on how to treat guests with respect and to remain open-minded while also recognizing their true nature. I shall always be thankful for that lesson and many other things.

More than 1.5 million people watched Colbert’s moving late-night homage.

Stephen Colbert Has Previously Expounded Upon His Anguish, Including the Loss of His Father and Brothers

Stephen Colbert

In the past, Colbert has not back away from emotionally charged interviews. This was particularly true when speaking with Anderson Cooper. In fact, as Colbert talked about his painful background, things were so intense that Cooper was fighting back tears.

Colbert talked in detail about how he dealt with the devastating loss of his father and brothers in an aircraft accident.

  • Colbert responds, “Well, it certainly gives you one step back from society or what is considered normalcy.””
  • Because losing your father and brothers at that age is shocking to the system. All of a sudden, the meaning of school, friends, homework, and that value system is lost. Furthermore, I believe it greatly helps when performing comedy or even satire in particular that what appears regular no longer has status.”

Next, someone questioned Stephen about viewing his grief as a gift. Cooper and the fans found it difficult to accept his response, especially in light of the courage required to view it that way.

Indeed. Being alive is a gift. Suffering is a natural part of living. There’s no getting around that. However, if you are appreciative of your life. You then need to express gratitude for everything. Thus, at an early age. I experienced something so that by the time I entered into committed relationships with friends, my wife, or my kids, I had some comprehension of the fact that everyone experiences pain, no matter how imperfect.”

“Recognize their pain, establish a connection with them, and love them with an intensity that makes you thankful for your own suffering so that you can understand that about other people.” Since they given me a gift, I want to be as human as possible, which means accepting and eventually being grateful for the things that I wish hadn’t happened.”

Colbert has obviously experienced a great deal of heartache throughout the years.

Stephen Colbert Left Fans Perplexed When He Suddenly Concluded the Late Show Following the Departure of His Personal Assistant

Fans observed that the Late Show abruptly ended in early April of 2024. The moment surprised even the fans in the audience. Matt Damon was scheduled to make an appearance on the show, but all of a sudden it was cancelled. “That’s it for the Late Show,” Colbert said as he left the set, gazing into the camera to bring the broadcast to a gloomy close.

Later on, it came to light that his lifelong helper Amy Cole had succumbed to cancer. Fans in the audience talked about the abrupt ending of the Late Show and how the atmosphere soon changed over on Reddit.

“Stephen tells the employees that he wants to say farewell and perform the outro. We begin to applaud again when the stage manager indicates, but Stephen says he wants the outro to end without any applause. The tone changes to one of seriousness and melancholy. Steven says “goodnight” in a very dejected manner as everyone stops applauding.

He seems to be crying or going to cry based on the way he looks and sounds. The fan posted on Reddit, “He silently exits the stage, briefly converses with a staff member, and then exits through a side door.

For the host, 2024 has been a depressing year filled with setbacks. In late 2023, he underwent surgery for his appendix as well as other physical difficulties.


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