Ellen DeGeneres Had to Postpone Her Comeback Comedy Tour Dates

With a new comedy tour, Ellen DeGeneres is presently attempting a career return, but things aren’t going well for the comic since she had to postpone four shows.

The 66-year-old comedian will no longer be performing in Dallas on July 10, San Francisco on July 21, Seattle on July 23, and Chicago on August 11. She began her stand-up tour last month.

Ellen Gave No Explanation For Her Cancellation

Fans of Ellen DeGeneres were notified of the cancellations by Ticketmaster with the phrase, “Unfortunately, the Event Organizer has had to cancel your event.”

DeGeneres has decided to go forward with her planned gigs in Denver on July 8, Austin on July 13, and San Francisco on July 20 in spite of these modifications. Unless there is more information, she will continue her tour through 14 more significant North American cities before coming to an end in Minneapolis on August 17.

There is currently no information available as to why DeGeneres was forced to cancel some shows but not others.

Ellen Is Supposedly Planning A Comedy Special

Ellen DeGeneres

Following rumors that Ellen is developing a new comedy special to help salvage her career, the show was canceled. She’s supposedly planning a comeback after generally avoiding the spotlight for the previous two years, according to Page Six, who reports that she has plans to release a final Netflix special in addition to her comedy tour, dubbed “Ellen’s Last Stand… Up.”

She has been gradually opening up in recent comedic gigs, and it seems that she is prepared to talk candidly about the demise of her Emmy-winning daytime show in the special.

According to a close friend of DeGeneres’, “she needed some time to recover.” “But she can’t just sit at home; she’s an artist, and she wants to entertain.”

2020 saw a crisis involving DeGeneres that had a negative effect on her long-running show, slf. Employees alleged that she encouraged a climate of bigotry, intimidation, and terror on the site and gave orders for no one to look her in the eye. It was also allegedly instructed to the guests to complement her live.

After nearly 20 years, Ellen apologized for the allegations, and the show was eventually taken off the air after an inquiry that resulted in the firing of several high-level executives.

Despite her wish for a professional comeback, those close to the former talk show host indicate it is doubtful that she would make a television comeback anytime soon. “What makes her want to return?” inquired another insider. She did so much, and she was a terrific entertainer. Her priorities and her life have been refocused.

“Ellen is a humorist.” Everyone has their transgressions, but this is her life, and she wants to share who she is, what she went through, and where she is at in it. Take a look at Jerry Seinfeld; he consistently performs stand-up. They went on, “Why shouldn’t she return to the stage?

Even if Ellen might have grand ideas for her return, the fact that she is already postponing tour dates is not encouraging.


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