Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo Admit that Their Split will “Probably” Cause People to Wonder about their Relationship

The romance between Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo from Southern Charm and Summer House has always garnered media attention due to the Bravo crossover. The couple lives in two different places, but their relationships are also very different from other Bravo couples because two Bravo worlds are merging. Conover and DeSorbo have been open about their present relationship status in interviews and on the two shows, which can be challenging because they both know that a breakup is “probable.”

DeSorbo and Conover, who started dating casually in 2021, are still far apart, living in Charleston and New York City. Do they share their lofty goals and dreams for the future with the other person? Continue reading to learn the reasons why a split between the two is “probable” as well as the backstory of the Bravo couple’s romance.

Craig Conover stated That Paige DeSorbo’s Separation Was “Probable”

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover

E! Online said that Craig Conover and Kyle Cooke discussed Paige DeSorbo’s relationship on an episode of Summer House. Given their remote relationship and divergent outlooks on the future, Cooke inquired about Conover’s current status in their union. Conover expressed his “love” for DeSorbo in an open manner, stating, “If we work out, we work out.” However, it won’t end of the world if we don’t.

“Do you see a world in which you don’t end up with her?” Cooke questioned Conover, shocked by what he had just said.

Remembering their past together, Conover provided a more thorough explanation of his emotions.

“Well, there’s that possibility all the time, right? Indeed, our residences are different. She adores New York and resides in New York City. I manage a business out of Charleston, and I adore Charleston. It’s highly likely. It would be naive of you to think that everything will work out.

Cooke and the audience were taken aback by Conover’s word choice. Cooke expressed his personal opinions about their relationship, calling long-distance relationships “a recipe for failure.” Cooke may not agree with DeSorbo, but she started a conversation when she heard her boyfriend suggest that a split was “probable.”

E! News spoke with DeSorbo after the show aired to find out how she felt about Conover’s remarks. She unexpectedly agreed with Conover’s assessment. The fashion influencer remarked, “To be honest, I wasn’t upset about it at all because I think everything he said,”

“Yes, according to statistics, people could break up,” DeSorbo went on. We operate long distance, thus our rate is higher, but I believe we would be quite naive if we didn’t recognize that.

They have benefited from acknowledging Conover’s candor and openness on their expectations for their relationship.

“I believe that before significant life events, Craig and I do a decent job of talking about everything that would be forbidden or frightening to discuss. Since I also felt that way, I was grateful that he said it. It really calmed me down because I know he felt that way.

Conover and DeSorbo have both discussed the highs and lows of their relationship throughout the years on their separate reality shows, Southern Charm and Summer House. With DeSorbo’s assistance, fans have watched Conover construct and refurbish his Charleston home.

She assisted Conover with the house’s design since she wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and possibly establish a family there. Regretfully, Conover is unwilling to relocate to New York City due to professional obligations. Likewise, DeSorbo isn’t certain if she belongs in the South.

Bravo claims that during an Andy Cohen segment on Watch What Happens Live, DeSorbo was questioned whether she believed Conover would eventually relocate to New York for the benefit of their relationship.

“I wouldn’t want to put that on Craig because I know him so well and I know he wouldn’t be happy in New York in the long run,”

Cohen, on the other hand, thought Conover would relocate to the city for her.

The idea of taking a plane far from her family while beginning her own family “scares” Albany, New York native DeSorbo. She also stated that Conover’s house is in the suburbs, which is where she intended to raise her children.

Conover has been extremely open about what he wants out of their relationship—an engagement—until the two work things out.

Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo, who have been dating since 2021, have expressed a desire to get married. For the couple, the most important question is when.

Decider revealed that Conover had stated in a Summer House episode that he was prepared for the next phase of their relationship, while DeSorbo wasn’t.

In an ideal world, it would be a little more secure to say, ‘One day we’re going to get married and have babies.’ That’s what she told me we would do. I must therefore adjust my impatience and fears and decide whether or not to believe her. I mean, my patience can’t continue forever, can it? That carries a risk.

US Weekly reported on Conover and DeSorbo’s discussion on the “middle chapters” of their relationship at Kyle Cooke’s 40th birthday celebration. DeSorbo acknowledged that she would have accepted Conover’s proposal if he had asked her out that day. What terrifies her is what happens after the engagement. “

It’s extremely frightening to consider becoming engaged, getting married, and becoming someone’s wife.” And the influencer went on, “But that’s a lot.” My life would be completely altered. Compared to you, I shall be altering far more. My entire life is about to change.”


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