“Bachelorette” Star Kaitlyn Bristowe Responds to Accusations That She Is Imitating Her Ex-girlfriend

Fans should know that Kaitlyn Britstowe isn’t trying to imitate Jason Tartricks’ new girlfriend, Kat Stickler. The Bachelorette actress responded to recent allegations on social media.

Soon after Kat Stickler shared a photograph of her own daughter’s braid, Kaitlyn came under fire for posting a picture of her niece’s hairstyle.

Why Some Believe Kailyn Copied Kat?

The reality star had posted a pleased photo of her niece’s braid with the now-deleted message, “I still got it.” In the meantime, content creator Stickler also posted a picture of her daughter Mary-Katherine’s braid along with the statement, “If I do say so myself, I think it’s my best one yet.”

This gave rise to accusations that Kaitlyn was copying her earlier post from some comments on Kaitlyn’s post.

On her Instagram Story, Bristowe addressed the charges by writing, “Oh Christ folks. Having no idea that someone else had done it, I posted about braiding my niece’s hair.”

“Y’all are freaking me out to post anything cuz I can’t even eat pizza anymore without someone thinking something,” she said, frustrated by the negative response. I don’t care, I don’t follow these folks, and I don’t see their content.” “Sorry to break it to you, but I do not care to be copying anyone,” she said, underscoring her point. Please settle down.”

Bristowe asked everyone to quit causing needless drama in her parting words: “Please stop putting myself up against other amazing women. We are all unworthy of that. There are other instances where the two women are compared, including this one.

Jason’s and Kaitlyn’s Clearly False Accusations of Cheating

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Bristowe was spotted at the same NHL game as her ex-boyfriend Jason Tartick and his new partner Stickler as recently as last week. Zac Clark accompanied Bristowe, which led to speculation of a possible romance between them. She had to deny rumors in January that she had cheated on Tartick with Clark after a New Year’s Eve party video appeared to show them cuddling.

Many fans were surprised when Bristowe and Tartick’s four-year engagement ended in August 2023. Despite the fact that the split appeared to be amicable at first, tensions increased when Bristowe charged Tartick with playing the “victim” to win over fans after the split. Afterwards, it was revealed that Tartick and Stickler were dating in April. In June, they made their romance official on Instagram.

Though he’s pushing back, some fans believe Kaitlyn is trying to draw attention to herself by behaving like her man’s new girlfriend.

Kaitlyn Bristowe initially came to the notice of the public when she appeared on the well-liked reality TV program The Bachelor. She made an appearance in the 2015 launch of the 19th season of the show. Bristowe, who was vying for Chris Soules’ heart, gained popularity fast because of her witty and lively demeanor. Despite placing third and failing to capture Soules’ heart, she attracted a sizable following thanks to her charm and personality.

Her involvement with the Bachelor series continued after that. Kaitlyn was revealed as one of the two possible Bachelorettes for The Bachelorette’s eleventh season in March 2015. A novel twist was added to the 2015 premiere when the male candidates cast their votes between Britt Nilsson and Bristowe to decide who would be the Bachelorette. With the majority vote, Kaitlyn was declared the season’s star.


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