How to Search for and Apply for Indian Scholarships?

Since the cost of college and university is going up every year, you might think that you can’t afford to go to school. Private university tuition, on the other hand, rose by 129% between 1988 and 2017, while state university tuition rose by 213%. At a private university, tuition costs about $34,740, while at a state university, it costs about $9,970.

Getting grants is one of the best ways to make paying for school easier on your budget. You can avoid paying as much for college by applying for grants. This will also boost your confidence before you even start college. The good news is that there are funds for almost every situation.

Scholarships are available for almost anything, from being left-handed to using your skills on the football field to making clothes out of duct tape for prom. With a grant, the only fee you have to pay is for college. You may also have to pay for things like books and where you live. You never have to worry about paying back a scholarship prize.

How to Look for Scholarships?

With the help of the internet’s many search engines and other tools, you can quickly find and apply for thousands of grants. We’re going to break down some well-known websites that you and your parents can use to look for grants.

Sites that offer scholarships are often the first places people look. There are thousands and thousands of grants on these easy-to-use websites. In the past few years, scholarship websites have come a long way. They now have easy sign-up options, filter options (like college subject, gender, race, and school year), and search results that are tailored to each student’s profile. One problem is that there is a lot of competition on websites that offer scholarships.

A lot of websites have links to other countries’ national scholarships. Some of these prizes are awarded by lottery. Some websites keep listing grant programs that are no longer available because they aren’t checked or updated often enough.


It’s easy to look for grants by using websites and apps that work well on mobile devices. One big perk is that you can keep track of scholarships and send in applications while you’re on the go. You can change the search settings in most apps.

Going Merry’s mobile-friendly scholarship app lets you see which scholarships you can apply for, make a list of the schools and scholarships you like, and narrow down your search for scholarships. We’re going to put out apps for iOS and Android phones before the start of 2020!

Publications & Noticeboards

It is important to think about using standard search methods! You might find information about great local grants on the bulletin board or in the newspaper in your area. Look for newspapers or bulletin boards in schools, community centers, cafes, and places of church. The good thing about these scholarships is that they aren’t as well known or have standards that are unique to the area that you might not find in national applications.

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How to Apply For Scholarship?

Step 1: Look for Grants and Loans.

You might be able to get You’re no longer having to work hard to find grants to apply for. Separate your search into scholarships based on need and scholarships based on ability. The ability of your family or yourself to pay for college affects your chances of getting a need-based grant. These scholarships are only given to people who need the extra money.

Scholarships based on merit are given to people based on their skills or accomplishments. The arts, sports, or schooling could be given more attention. There are a lot of situation-based grants out there, like ones for women, people of color, journalism students, and gamers. Scholarships based on merit or need could come from your college, a private group, or a person.

Step 2: Find and Read the Application Instructions

Before you apply for a scholarship, you should read through the standards. Each one will ask you to send in a different set of documents or do a different set of tasks. When applying for a grant, you usually need the following things and papers: The Application for the Scholarship Make sure everything is correct, and fill out the whole grant application form. Going Merry helps you save a lot of time when you are applying for scholarships by using the information on your page.

Step 3: Make a Calendar

People who want to get grants need to act quickly. Start the application process right away. You never know when a date will pop up! Make a list of all the grants you want to apply for, along with the due dates and any requested materials or essays. You can do this on paper or in an Excel file.

Get ahead of the other people who want to get grants by applying as soon as possible. Some applications may need a media piece, like a movie, that shows why you should get the grant. This might take a long time if you already have a lot going on with school, homework, and maybe even hobbies outside of school! You can be sure that your grant applications will be received if you start early and give yourself enough time.

Step 4: Turn in your work

As soon as you have gathered all the needed materials, the next step in applying for a grant is to send them in. Check the rules carefully, because some grants need applications to be sent in online, while others need them to be mailed in. If you asked for a letter of recommendation, make sure the recommender knows when the date is coming up. Show them an envelope that has been stamped and has the email address or the right address where the package should go.

Step 5: Wait a Little While and Check on Your Grant

Most grant applications will tell you when you can expect to hear back. Once you’ve turned in your grant, you can check on its progress to make sure that all the necessary information is included. Keep a good mood while you wait for the scholarship sources to get back to you.

Also, to keep track of how many scholarships you have applied for, we recommend that you carefully write down all the names of the scholarships you have sent in. You can change this list after your scholarship entry has been looked over!

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